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The Angry Video Game Nerd (originally titled "The Angry Nintendo Nerd", later becoming AVGN) is James Rolfe, a nostalgia critic who specializes in profanity-laced tirades at lackluster games from his youth. The Nerd goes through the game and shows you each frustrating part of the gameplay and his ensuing rage. Every nonsensical part of the game plot results in The Nerd cussing like a sailor. The Nerd begins each review with some background information on each game before telling you in great detail how much he hates it. The Nerd also reviews defunct hardware such as add-ons for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis that frustrate him just as much as the horrible games he plays. For people who want to see the incredible grief caused by gaming to a guy with glasses, the Nerd is the master.

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A list of all shows that I have completed in their entirety (assuming no new seasons / episodes have been added). This will be an ever expanding list. If you check my tracker, there are a very diverse listing of shows. I'm always up for suggestions if you see something on there that I haven't watched yet or that I don't have. When you see the rating system, don't be upset. I made my ratings first by choosing what was 5 star and working backwards. There were times were I liked a show (e.g., Angry Video Game Nerd), but could not rank it higher based on some of the other shows ranked above it. Also, please note that some shows are arguably "completed." For example, I see the first season of True Detective as a completely different show then its following season since it was intended to be a one season mini-series (same with Fargo). The same goes for Two and a Half Men. I've seen every episode with Charlie Sheen. Watching a few with Ashton Kusher makes me feel comfortable as marking that show as "complete."
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