The Arrangement

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The Arrangement

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Sundays, 9:00 PM EST on E!
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2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
60 Minutes
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Described as a Cinderella story for modern times set in Hollywood, the drama follows Megan Morrison, a beautiful young actress who auditions for the female lead in a summer blockbuster playing opposite Kyle West, the hottest actor of the moment. After an amazing audition segues into a dream-like first date, Megan’s Cinderella story takes a turn to the bizarre when she is presented with a contract that details an entire relationship with Kyle. Megan must weigh her options and the benefits and consequences to her career and her life overall… and decide whether or not she will accept “the arrangement.”

Show Reviews

by Rosanna Bowman Dillawar

Apr 20, 2017 6:45 PM EDT

Many of the storylines in the show are expected but also quite far-fetched. It's not everyday that an unknown actress magically lands a major acting job, lose a boyfriend, gain a new boyfriend and travel to Mexico - all in the span of one episode. It feels like some things were moving too fast, almost like they were thrown in to just impress viewers in the pilot. Also, I think that there are many missed opportunities to explore other storylines further such as the death of Kyle's ex-lover, as it feels like this was brushed over, and Nic and Annika's relationship (Who is Annika really, and what is her endgame?). I'm also not into the Institute of the Higher Mind controversy; it hasn't lived up to all the hype that everyone keeps mentioning in the show.

I think that the character Megan is quite strong and complex, and is a great lead alongside Josh Henderson's Kyle. I expected her to be more shy and less confident as she is thrust into the limelight, but alas, her character is a breath of fresh air. It's not the most gripping drama, but it still has some angles to keep viewers interested. I'm looking forward to the final few episodes of this season, and hope that Season 2 will be a lot better.

by c00ljck0d

Mar 13, 2017 4:29 PM EDT

reeks of Scientology...

by Aomeragic1

Mar 20, 2017 9:29 AM EDT

I love how it's something unlike anything else on TV. It just feels like something that should have been made years ago

by Speakezee

Jun 10, 2018 3:15 AM EDT

Wow! i just watched the pilot and the finale, and plan on going back and watching all of them for the intricate plot twists and the amazing female characters in this show.

by Melissa-LeeM

Aug 08, 2017 10:15 PM EDT

Not what I expected. Moves a little slow in places. Could have done without the institute stuff as well - completely unnecessary to the story.

by annarain12

Apr 03, 2017 12:39 PM EDT

Sorry to say, I can't put my finger on why I'm not getting into this show. But I'm not. Maybe it is for a younger audience? IDK, it just isn't for me..... All I can say is give it a try and decide for yourself, just to be fair.....

by Ne3shi

Sep 28, 2018 1:44 PM EDT

I came across this show while looking for something new. Not bad - a good combination of drama & romance! The story is a different one and worth watching. Though in some plots some things could have been improved it still did not prevent me from watching till the end. Overall, good one!

by Terra_Banks

Jul 19, 2018 10:11 PM EDT

Overall I have loved the understated glamour and soundtrack of the show. The characters are complex and the acting believable. It wasn't faced paced but it held my interest. The two leads are fantastic! I was surprised by how empowering the show was, considering it's about a contract marriage. I would recommend it for a weekend binge, especially if you like shows about Hollywood like the LA complex, Famous in Love, etc.

by ulloaconejos71

Apr 13, 2018 9:12 AM EDT

Love Mike Vaughn! Happy to see him. It's creepy and I want the expose too.

by Chiwal

Jan 11, 2018 1:37 PM EST

Good show. Storyline a little bit out there. Looking forward to seeing what's next.

by JJane007

Oct 29, 2017 10:26 PM EDT

What a crappy show. Totally unbelievable.

by LovingGallavich

Sep 16, 2017 5:25 PM EDT

I obviously wasn't really expecting all that much from this show but it somehow still managed to disappoint me. Sometimes the plot moved too fast sometimes it moved too slow. I still might give season 2 a try though, in the hopes that the show will improve.

by Chivonne D'cruz

Jul 21, 2017 2:16 PM EDT

this show started off all dreamy and interesting.. towards the end i did not see it coming but definitely one to look out for... i just want the external forces in the main couples life to not have so much of an impact because it does tend to ruin things... but that is drama for you

by Stamp.My.Art

May 07, 2017 11:56 AM EDT

Kinda disappointed in all the hype .... not nearly as good as expected. There are too many other better programs to watch on TV. I made it through six of these and that's struggling with the last three to actually remain interest....attempted the 7th just because it was still on my TiVo...way to many slow moments, and it just gets boring after 10 minutes into each episode. The one place I thought they finally picked up and then it seems they let the ball drop....sticking with my original rating -- it's still a 2 star rating.

by Queensie

Mar 06, 2017 11:00 AM EST

Well.. actually Cinerella-Story describes the story pretty good so far. Up to now it seems as if the story won´t go much further than this. So, if you like a light modern fairytale, it should be fine and entertaining enough. Otherwise the characters and storyline might be a bit too simple.