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Bachelor 2015 Spoilers: Who Is Juelia Kinney, Season 19 Contestant?

We have to hand it to ABC: In a world where less than 10 percent of the population is blond, The Bachelor 2015 casting directors have managed to gather quite the crop of ladies with hair of gold for Chris Soules Season 19. The latest flaxen-haired lady hoping to become Prince Farmings one and only? Meet Juelia Kinney, a gal whose parents like to get creative with spelling.   Read More... //

Bachelor 2015 Spoilers: Who Is Brittany Fetkin, Season 19 Contestant?

When The Bachelor 2015s Chris Soules handed his wish list of future wife attributes to ABCs casting team, we hope a gal who can wrestle a gator into submission was in the top five. If not, Prince Farming is in for a bit of a bicep-filled surprise with Season 19 contestant Brittany Fetkin. Brittany, aka WWE Diva in training Devin Taylor, says, I may be pretty like a butterfly, but I can sure sting like a bee. She also likes to be underestimated so, watch out housemates, this gal came to... //

'The Bachelor' Season 19 bios: 7 fear diarrhea on a date, half can't live without makeup

The women vying for Chris Soules' heart on Season 19 of "The Bachelor" have been revealed. Along with their names and photos, ABC always puts up mini-bios about each lovely lady. In case you don't have to time to pore over all 30 of them, Zap2it is here to break 'em down for you:When asked if they could be anyone for one day, who would it be, two women said they would be their future husband to see what he's thinking. That seems like the epitome of a "be careful what you wish for" situation. An alarming number of women name their biggest date fear as some kind of gastrointestinal problem, usually diarrhea. Which raises so many questions: Why are a quarter of you so afraid of having diarrhea? Is there precedence for this? Or does this merely stem from watching too many bad comedies in the '90s?There's a question about what you "can't live... //

Bachelor 2015 Spoilers: Who Gets Eliminated in the Season 19 Premiere?

We dont have a Magic 8 Ball here, but it doesnt take an oracle sold at Spencers to see which way the wind is probably gonna blow on The Bachelor Season 19 premiere. In other words, a whole lotta blonde ladies are gonna nab a rose from Chris Soules on night one. So who does that leave going home sans petals on the first episode of 2015? While we cant say for sure which eight ladies are going to get eliminated night one, we can take a few guesses based on Chriss pretty obvious type.... //

Bachelor 2015 Spoilers: How Far Does Britt Nilsson Make It?

When we first got a glimpse of Bachelor 2015 contestant Britt Nilsson, we didnt even know it was her. We just knew Chris Soules face was velcroed to some mystery ladys face at a Big+Rich performance in South Dakota and said mystery lady was wrapping her mystery legs around him like the date was going pretty darn well. Turns out Chriss spit-swapping partner was a little gal from Los Angeles named Britt, and that she caught Prince Farmings eye from the get-go on Season 19.   Read More... //

Bachelor 2015 Spoilers: Who Is Ashley Iaconetti, Season 19 Contestant?

Did we miss the memo that Chris Soules Bachelor 2015 is going to be a crossover show with Keeping Up With the Kardashians? Because Season 19 contestant Ashley Iaconetti looks suspiciously like Kim K guest starring in the land of roses. Just sayin. So who is this gal who not only looks like Kanye Wests wife, but also has a beauty blog devoted to her? Well, from what we know, this gorge gal from New York (by way of Virginia) has aspirations of being a broadcast journalist and studied the... //

The Bachelor Exclusive Video: Watch the Premiere's Most Awkward Introduction

  Night 1 of The Bachelor is usually filled with emotion from nerves to excitement to even tears. But for one woman this season just the sight of Chris is enough to overwhelm her. In our exclusive look at the show's upcoming double promo, one lady introduces herself to Chris, wraps her arms around him and proceeds to hold on. For a really long time. While panting. Although based on the photo, Chris doesn't seem to mind!   Read More...     //

'Bachelor' Host Chris Harrison Talks Season 19, Picks 5 Contestants To Watch Out For

Host Chris Harrison gives viewers more reasons to tune in on The Bachelor as he talks about what sets season 19 apart from previous season and reveals the names of the women to watch out for. This season love searcher Chris Soules will be dipping his toe in a "dating puddle" as he tries to make a love connection among his 30 bachelorettes.   Read More...   //

Bachelor 2015 Spoilers: How Far Does Kaitlyn Bristowe Make It?

Every party needs a clown, right? Well, The Bachelor 2015s life of the party appears to be Kaitlyn Bristowe, which just may be why Chris Soules keeps her around quite as long as he does. Who doesnt like to laugh? So just how long does this particular party last for the Canadian? According to Reality Steve, the 29-year-old is one of only three lucky ladies who gets to leave the country on Chriss Field of Dreams tour. Thats right, after taking Chris home to meet her mom in Arizona on...   Read More... //

Bachelor 2015 Spoilers: Who is Kelsey Poe, Season 19 Contestant?

We thought there was a law that high school guidance counselors had to be like the one in 10 Things I Hate About You, i.e, bespectacled, beleaguered by a bad perm, and in need of another word for engorged. So it blew our whole understanding of the universe to learn that one of Chris Soules contestants on The Bachelor 2015 is a guidance counselor and shes H-O-T hawt!   Read More... //