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The Bachelor Becomes a Video Game

If you've always wanted to win the heart of the Bachelor or Bachelorette, now's your chance - well, in the video-game world. The Bachelor: The Videogame, which is scheduled to hit shelves by summer for Nintendo Wii and DS, will feature an avatar of host Chris Harrison and the likeness of past stars including Jason Mesnick. In the game (retail price: $30) players go against the game's characters for alone time with the Bachelor or Bachelorette. And to keep in the true spirit of the reality show, players can sabotage other dates to up their odds to win the final rose. The video game is currently available for preorder on Amazon for $30. Will you buy The Bachelor: The Videogame? Source Here

The Bachelor: Preview of "Jason and Molly's Wedding"

Family, friends and past Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants all witnessed Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney declare their love for one another last weekend and now the happy couple is inviting you to watch this new chapter of their love story. Tonight at 8pm, ABC will be airing The Bachelor: Jason and Molly's Wedding special, in which viewers can get a glimpse of the first ever Bachelor couple wedding, from the wedding planning and rehearsals, to the festivities of the big day. Jason and Molly, who got engaged in October, kick off their nuptial preparations by visiting a Macy's store for their gift registry. Then Jason's sister-in-law, Leslie, helps Molly get ready for the rehearsal dinner using the Macy's Fashion Director online tool. We also see Molly's custom-made gown by Monique Lhuillier and the elaborate preparations made by event designer Eden Rodriguez and wedding planner Jo Gartin. Of course, no wedding is complete without the Las Vegas bachelor and bachelorette parties. To Read More Click Here .

Jake Pavelka NOT Cheating on Vienna Girardi With Ex-Girlfriend

Jake Pavelka has come forward to deny that he contacted an ex-girlfriend after "The Bachelor" finished taping. A woman called to Steve Kramer's radio show "That Guy Kramer" on Island 106 in Panama Island, Florida, claiming Jake wanted to be with her despite being engaged to Vienna Girardi. "What I'm saying now has absolutely nothing to do with him and it has gotten so bad and enough people know that we were dating," the woman who called anonymously said in part of the interview. "He came to my hometown, met my family, met my friends and deceived everyone. And I feel like I'm forced to say something for the sole purpose of defending my honor." TMZ has identified the woman who called to the radio station as 24-year-old Tanya Douglas. A former flame of Jake, her picture kissing Jake has also been obtained. However, Jake put the rumor to rest, releasing a statement to ET, "The relationship with [the woman] was prior to 'The Bachelor,' it simply did not work out. There was no overlap with that or any other relationship during the show. It is unfortunate that people such as this are trying to financially capitalize on or disparage my incredible relationship with Vienna. I only wish everyone could be as happy for us as we are happy together." Source Here

Post-Finale 'Bachelor' Interview: Tenley's Heart is Healing, Hopes to Stay Friends

As Bachelor Jake Pavelka looked into her eyes and told her he wasn't in love with her, viewers might have expected fan favorite Tenley Molzahn, the sweet and fragile divorcee from Newberg, Or., to break down, get angry, or even ask for another chance. Instead, Tenley held her head high and thanked Jake for showing her "what she could have," saying that--even though her heart was breaking--it felt good to know she was capable of love again. In a conference call with the media earlier this week, Tenley remained positive about her Bachelor experience, and has high hopes for her future--in life and in love. And she's not the only one. Former Bachelorette Jillian Harris said of Tenley's heartbreaking exit this season, "Although I am sad for her, I don't worry for her, because she is a class act. Someone that sweet, gentle and positive will only have good things coming her way." To Read More Click Here .

The Bachelor: Is Jake Pavelka After More Fame?

Jake Pavelka came on The Bachelorette season 5 hoping to find love in Jillian Harris but failed capture her heart. He then got his second chance at love when he became the star of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love where he finally met his future wife in Vienna Girardi. But now that the 31-year-old pilot has been cast on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars, many are wondering if all Pavelka really wants is to extend his 15 minutes of fame. Normally, couples on the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise are looking forward to spending quality time with each other, making up for lost time since the show ended filming. But surprisingly (or not), Pavelka has decided to strike while the iron is hot. Though he said time and again that he's not after the cameras, Pavelka's decision to join yet another reality series may hint otherwise. And if that's not enough, he's also hinted that he wouldn't mind if he and fiance Vienna have a televised wedding just like Jason and Molly, whose wedding will air on Monday, March 8 on ABC. You can check what Jake Pavelka has to say about his post-Bachelor plans with Vienna and his decision to go Dancing with the Stars in this interview. But for now, do you think he's just after fame? Or is he really in it for to experience the "opportunity of a lifetime," as mentioned in his interview? Source Here

Jake Pavelka on 'Dancing with the Stars': I'm Not After the Cameras

As if in response to remarks that he'd rather bathe in the spotlight than with new fiance Vienna Girardi, no-nonsense Bachelor Jake Pavelka tells The Insider that he's not doing Dancing with the Stars to stay in the public eye. "It actually just fell in my lap," says the pilot, who yesterday started following Melissa Rycroft's golden path of Bachelor to Dancing with the Stars fame. Not only did Melissa take advantage of her crossover potential in DWTS season 8, she milked it for all its worth and now she co-hosts the show alongside Tom Bergeron. As for Jake, who will be partnered with young and perky Chelsie Hightower, he insists that he joined DWTS for the sense of competition that it brings and not for the additional publicity. "To dance at that level and have the opportunity to train with professionals, it is life a life's dream, so it is conquering a dream," he says, adding that he doesn't even have a publicist, the only Bachelor cast member without one. But what about Vienna? Won't she mind putting her life with Jake on hold for the show? After all, the original plan was for her to relocate to Dallas to be with her fiance. The couple had to do a little detour and will then be staying in Los Angeles until Jake gets eliminated from the show. "I will be there every night he is performing," she says, reminiscent of Rycroft's very own supportive significant other Tye Strickland. After DWTS, Jake says he plans to go back to aviation. "I love flying. That is what I am born to do," he says. In fact, among his fellow cast members that include the likes of Pamela Anderson and Erin Andrews, he says he is most excited to meet Buzz Aldrin because he is "out of this world." Source Here

'Bachelor' Jake Still Very Much in Love With Vienna - Featured

The Bachelor finale that was aired on Monday, March 1 was taped months ago and unlike season 13's Jason Mesnick, Jake Pavelka hasn't had a change of heart. The commercial pilot said he is still very much in love with his pick, Vienna Girardi, and has even planned to move in together to his hometown, Dallas. "The passion is just crazy," Pavelka told Access Hollywood. "It's just fun. There's always puppy love in a new relationship and that's really where you build a lot of this - you solidify a lot of the next 60 years (of life together). ...I've never had puppy love like that. I mean, I just can't keep myself off of her." For one thing Vienna is not a favorite among the other women on the show and many expected he would choose Tenley. "People don't understand why Vienna and I are together, and that's OK," Jake said on the After the Final Rose special. "I do - and that's the important thing." Vienna also shared a similar thought, stating "The Internet viewers aren't the ones that have to live with this decision. Jake and I are extremely happy. We're in love and we're the ones spending the next 60 years together, not them." Jake proposed to Vienna with a 3-carat Neil Lane princess-cut diamond platinum ring worth $50,000. "We've talked about wedding details and we're thinking maybe a year or two," Vienna said. "We want to have a normal relationship for a while, you know, have fun together. We want to travel and he's got 'Dancing with the Stars' coming up and we're moving to L.A. for a few months and then going back to Dallas. ...And I need plenty of time to plan a wedding." Source Here

Bachelor's Chris Harrison On Jake Choosing Vienna: "She's Not a Popular Choice"

While Jake Pavelka's proposal to Vienna on Monday night's Bachelor season finale wasn't the outcome viewers may have hoped for, host Chris Harrison wants people to be "happy for them." Harrison also spoke to TVGuide.com about what he thinks of the 32-year-old pilot competing on Dancing with the Stars and Ali as the new Bachelorette, and what the best part of Jason and Molly's wedding was. To Read More Click Here .

'The Bachelor' Sound Off: Fans and Former Contestants React to Jake's Decision

Last night's Bachelor finale was anything but surprising to most fans of the ABC reality TV dating series. Several months ago, it was already rumored that Jake Pavelka will end up with Vienna Girardi--- an ending that didn't exactly please viewers, whether during the season or after the show. As expected, BuddyTV Bachelor fans wasted no time in expressing their opinions about Jake's decision to choose spicy Vienna over sweet Tenley and here's what they have to say: BarbaraKamps: "I'm not surprised. I'm just annoyed that a guy with some class stooped low enough to pick a ditsy, unattractive girl just for ratings. He wasn't thinking with ANY part of his body! His mom knows best." To Read More Click Here .

The Bachelor: How Long will Jake and Vienna Stay Together?

Jake Pavelka may have chosen Vienna Girardi on The Bachelor but that doesn't necessarily mean that a fairytale ending is the cards for the recently engaged couple. Because if history has taught us anything, the chances of actually seeing couples produced on the ABC reality TV dating franchise walk down the aisle are pretty slim. The only exceptions thus far are Trista and Ryan Sutter from The Bachelorette season 1, and recently hitched Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney from The Bachelor 13. Still, Jake and Vienna could prove their detractors wrong. After all, Jake has made a lot of bold decisions on The Bachelor and has pretty much disregarded everyone's opinion about his future wife, while Vienna, the most hated bachelorette in the house, has had the last laugh by ultimately winning Jake's heart. So who's to say they won't end up getting married eventually? To Read More Click Here .