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'The Bachelor' Finale Sneak Peeks: Meet the Pavelkas

This question will haunt Jake Pavelka during tonight's Bachelor finale, but he'll get some much-needed advice from his family, who will join Jake in St. Lucia to meet, grill and judge his final two. And they don't hold back! Check out four sneak peeks of tonight's finale (courtesy of E! Online) and be sure to follow along tonight as I live-recap the dramatic Bachelor conclusion here at BuddyTV, starting 5pm EST. To Read More Click Here .

'Bachelor' Jake Tells 'People': I Hope Everybody Understands My Decision

As tonight's Bachelor finale approaches, viewers prepare to watch Jake hand out his final rose, and wonder: will Jake put a ring on Vienna Girardi's hand, as the season's spoilers indicate? Will he defy the spoilers and ask Tenley Molzahn to be his bride? Or will Jake reject both women at his final Rose Ceremony? One thing's for sure: Bachelor Jake sure is speaking cryptically about tonight's conclusion, alluding to neither love nor marriage in his present, though he hopes for it in the future. Is Jake throwing us off his happily ever after, or is his search still on for his perfect mate? Read his latest People interview and place your bet... and then tune in tonight for The Bachelor finale to find out! To Read More Click Here ,

The Bachelor's Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney Get Married

Despite the rain, Bachelor star Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney were married Saturday, according to People. About 300 guests - including other Bachelor franchise couples Trista and Ryan Sutter and Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski - gathered to watch the couple exchange vows in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. The wedding will be televised March 8 as the ABC special, The Bachelor: Jason and Molly's Wedding. Malaney wore a $45,000 strapless Monique Lhuillier gown and Neil Lane jewelry, People reported. The ceremony lasted about 15 minutes - and concluded with the release of white doves. The couple will return to their home in Seattle following their honeymoon. Mesnick, 33, and Malaney, 25 - one of the few successful couples in Bachelor history - got engaged in October. Mesnick initially proposed to Melissa Rycroft on the season finale of The Bachelor last spring, but then broke off their engagement on national TV to pursue a relationship with Malaney. Rycroft has since appeared on Dancing with the Stars and is now a correspondent for Good Morning America. She married longtime boyfriend Tye Strickland in December. This is Mesnick's second marriage. He has one son, Ty, from his first marriage. Source Here

'The Bachelor' Finale Sneak Peek: Jake Chooses His Lifelong Co-Pilot

After arguably the--imagine this in Chris Harrison's voice--most dramatic season of The Bachelor ever, Jake Pavelka is getting ready to reveal his final choice. His leading lady. His lifelong co-pilot, with whom he will fly high on the wings of love... for at least a few months or so. "This is the hardest decision I'll ever have to make," says Jake as he holds two rings in his hands in the latest sneak peek of The Bachelor finale. Will Jake choose "sugar" in Tenley Molzahn, or "spice" in Vienna Girardi? Check out the sneak peek, and find out the exciting conclusion when The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love season finale airs Monday night on ABC at 8pm. Source & Preview

'The Bachelor': A Rozlyn Papa sex tape?

The on-going saga of the 14th "Bachelor" season just keeps getting worse. TMZ is reporting that someone is shopping around a sex tape featuring none other than Rozlyn Papa, the booted "Bachelor" beauty who still swears nothing nothing much nothing sexual happened between her and the producer on the show. Kevin Blatt, a representative for the adult site LiveJasmin (which is not linked because it's porn, go find it on your own), tells TMZ that he's seen the tape and "it's definitely Rozlyn" performing a sex act "on a well-endowed gentleman." Rozlyn's camp says they have no knowledge of any tape. Who could be shopping this elicit tape around to XXX sites? After last Monday's (Feb. 22) throwdown on the "Women Tell All" special, our money's on Chris Harrison. Source Here

The Bachelor Winner, Current Relationship Status Allegedly Revealed

The Bachelor has been as popular as ever, if not more so in recent years, a rare feat in this TV era. The current 14th season has been a consistent ratings machine. Part of the reason? Speculation over the finale, in which Jake Pavelka must choose between Vienna Girardi and Tenley Molzahn. Will he make the wrong decision? Moreover, will there a stunning twist, like Jake spurning both women, him reuniting with lovely Ali Fedotowsky, Tenley being pregnant, or Vienna dumping Jake? All of the above have been reported online, and obviously, all cannot be true. So we got to the bottom of the finale and the "After the Final Rose" special to follow. The information you are about to read is not confirmed, because we were not present. But our sources have been as rock solid as they come up until this point. Care to tease/spoil your Bachelor season finale viewing experience? Source Here

The Bachelor 14: Finale Scenario Predictions - Featured

Here's something for all you non-spoiler loving Bachelor fans. If you haven't been following all the hullabaloo this season or if you still refuse to believe the rumors surrounding next week's finale, then weigh in as I discuss Jake Pavelka's options on the final episode of The Bachelor : On the Wings of Love. Scenario 1: Jake picks a girl and gets engaged. This is what everyone expects on every season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, whether the love searcher ends up with someone he or she truly loves or not. In Jake Pavelka's case, he's down to two girls who are as different as night and day, which means it's anybody's game. But does it even matter seeing how almost every couple on this reality TV dating franchise end up parting ways? To Read More Click Here .

ABC to Reveal New 'Bachelorette' On 'Bachelor: After the Final Rose' Special

In a press release previewing Monday's (March 1) Bachelor: On the Wings of Love finale, ABC reveals that they have already selected their next Bachelorette, and American will learn her identity during the Bachelor: After the Final Rose Special, which airs immediately after the Bachelor season finale. The release also hints that Jake's final two, Tenley and Vienna, will have very different interactions with Jake's family when they meet during Monday's finale--and not to Vienna's advantage. Will Jake choose her (as he is rumored to do), even after his own mother takes issue with her "brutal honesty and confrontational style"? To Read More Click Here .

'Bachelor' Spoilers: Reality Steve Reveals Jake's 'After the Final Rose' Status

In next week's Bachelor finale, Jake Pavelka will choose between his final two women, Vienna Girardi and Tenley Molzahn. Rumors have been swirling since the beginning of the season that Jake chooses troublemaker Vienna in the end, but recent interviews with a coy and seemingly depressed Pavelka have led audiences to wonder whether Jake asks either woman to stay with him. Did Jake choose Vienna when they filmed their final Rose Ceremony in November? And, if he did, are they still together at the After the Final Rose special, which filmed this week, and will air immediately after the Bachelor finale? Blogger Reality Steve, who first revealed Jake's final choice as Vienna, has once again mined his ABC-insider sources for the answers to these questions. Spoilers after the jump. To Read More Click Here .

The Bachelor's Ali: Being Next 'Bachelorette' "Would Be So Nice"

During her appearance on Ellen this morning, Bachelor contestant Ali Fedotowsky told Ellen Degeneres that she was "pretty shocked" when Jake rejected her offer to return to the show the week after she chose her job over him: "I thought if this is love and he really cares about me, then he is going to come and find me. He's a pilot. Like, fly to get me. That would be amazing...I thought we had something really great." But it sounds like Ali's already on the road to recovery from her broken heart. Not only did she wish Jake luck with whomever he chooses, but she responded with a smile to Ellen's question of whether she'd consider becoming ABC's next Bachelorette, saying, "That would be so nice. I would be so flattered." Ellen asked Ali which remaining woman she would choose for Bachelor Jake, and Ali said that while she hoped Jake would choose her "good friend" Tenley, "the connection that Vienna and Jake have... I didn't realize that was happening behind the scenes or when I wasn't around. They look like a good couple. I actually think it could be Vienna." "I want it to be Tenley," Ali reiterated, saying the two became so close while filming the show that she would be in Tenley's wedding party if she were to marry Jake, even though "it would be a little awkward." Well, maybe more than a little. But not as awkward as the prospect of being Vienna's bridesmaid! Source & Video