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The Bachelor's Ali: Being Next 'Bachelorette' "Would Be So Nice"

During her appearance on Ellen this morning, Bachelor contestant Ali Fedotowsky told Ellen Degeneres that she was "pretty shocked" when Jake rejected her offer to return to the show the week after she chose her job over him: "I thought if this is love and he really cares about me, then he is going to come and find me. He's a pilot. Like, fly to get me. That would be amazing...I thought we had something really great." But it sounds like Ali's already on the road to recovery from her broken heart. Not only did she wish Jake luck with whomever he chooses, but she responded with a smile to Ellen's question of whether she'd consider becoming ABC's next Bachelorette, saying, "That would be so nice. I would be so flattered." Ellen asked Ali which remaining woman she would choose for Bachelor Jake, and Ali said that while she hoped Jake would choose her "good friend" Tenley, "the connection that Vienna and Jake have... I didn't realize that was happening behind the scenes or when I wasn't around. They look like a good couple. I actually think it could be Vienna." "I want it to be Tenley," Ali reiterated, saying the two became so close while filming the show that she would be in Tenley's wedding party if she were to marry Jake, even though "it would be a little awkward." Well, maybe more than a little. But not as awkward as the prospect of being Vienna's bridesmaid! Source & Video

'Bachelor' Jake: Why I Didn't Sleep with the Bachelorettes

During Monday night's episode of The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka shared Fantasy Suite dates in romantic St. Lucia with his final three: Vienna Girardi, Tenley Molzahn and Gia Allemand. Despite the steamy bubble baths, rose-petal-covered bedspreads and sexy lingerie, Jake claims his Fantasy Suite time was not about sex. "In the Fantasy Suite, you can sleep with one girl, or three girls ... whatever as a couple you decide to do, but tomorrow there is a Rose Ceremony coming up," Jake tells Entertainment Tonight. "What are you going to do when you have to look somebody in the eye and the night before you made love to them and you are sending them home? I didn't know who was going to go home, so I wasn't willing to rip that away from her. Minimizing regret. I don't know what I would say looking her in the eyes and putting her in the limo. It could have been Vienna, Tenley or Gia. It just happened to be Gia. I am so glad I didn't have to have that conversation." To Read More Click Here .

'The Bachelor' Diary of the Departed: Gia's Rejection a "Knife in the Back"

After making it to the final three and traveling to St. Lucia with Bachelor Jake Pavelka, swimsuit model Gia Allemand resolved to set aside her "stand-offish" attitude as she fell harder for Jake, and told him she was "falling in love" with him during their date. But the effort was too little, too late, and Jake sent her home, keeping Tenley Molzahn and Vienna Girardi as his final two. As she rode to the airport after the devastating rejection, Gia recorded her Bachelor "Diary of the Departed," and said this isn't the first time she's been disappointed: "I finally put my wall down, and I finally open up, and this is what always happens: I get hurt." To Read More Click Here .

Bachelor's Chris Harrison: Ali "Definitely Has a Shot" to Be Next Bachelorette

After a season of shocking exits and surprising choices, The Bachelor is down to its final two women: Vienna, the 23-year-old who butted heads with the rest of the women, and Tenley, the 25-year-old divorced girl-next-door. Although Ali made a plea to win back Jake after she chose to leave the show for her job, Jake made it clear he had moved on. So will Ali become the next star of The Bachelorette and was the fact that Gia was unable to tell Jake she was in love with him the reason for being sent home from St. Lucia? Host Chris Harrison weighs in. To Read More Click Here .

'The Bachelor': Gia Allemand has a boyfriend?

The newest "Bachelor" scandal -- final three contestant Gia Allemand has a boyfriend -- Dominick Pierno of Long Island. According to the New York Post, Pierno, a restaurant owner from Long Island, says, "[Gia] was on the show and said she broke up with me. Meanwhile, we had dinner at Philippe the other night." We don't know that we'd necessarily draw the conclusion between that comment and Gia definitely having a boyfriend. However, considering her whirlwind, slightly dysfunctional relationship with former Yankees pitcher Carl Pavano, we wouldn't be shocked if it were true. It doesn't sound as though Gia is the most stable of girlfriends. Source Here

The Bachelor: Jake Rejects Ali

So we finally learned what Jake really meant when he said "Get on a plane, get here right now!" Last night's episode of The Bachelor finally disproved all those misleading rumors and promos about Ali coming back on the show as Jake told her that coming back isn't such a good idea now that he's NOT in love with her anymore. While Ali's rejection doesn't really come as a surprise, considering all the rumors and spoilers on the internet, there was something intriguing about Ali's "return" that caught my attention. After Jake rejected her on the phone, Ali poured her heart out in front of the cameras in her "San Francisco" hotel room, expressed her regret in choosing her career over Jake and woefully looked out the window while saying, "I don't know that I'll find anyone like Jake again." With all the tears, drama and pity party going on, I'd say ABC is trying to make viewers feel sorry for Ali while hinting on the next Bachelorette, just as what happened to Jake in The Bachelorette season 5. On the other hand, this could also be another one of the network's misleading tactics to throw viewers for a loop. What do you think? Source Here

The Bachelor Episode Recap: Week 7

On this week's episode of The Bachelor, Jake takes Gia, Tenley and Vienna on a romantic getaway to St. Lucia and a heart-broken Ali asks for a second chance. Up until Ali's shocking decision to leave the show (and Jake) to save her job, it seemed Gia was most likely on the chopping block and on this, the night's first date; she'll have to really prove why she belongs to stay. Most of Gia and Jake's St. Lucia date is very steamy. There's lots of hand-holding, kissing, flirting, etc. Their physical connection is in no question on this date. However, that's never been this couple's problem and for Gia to remain through to the final two, she's got to push herself to be a little more forthcoming emotionally. Even at the beginning of the episode, Jake reflects on his time with Gia and says she's been the most closed-up. Over a romantic dinner on the beach, the emotional and physical chemistry between the duo is palpable and Gia narrates that she's ready and waiting to tell Jake she's falling in love with him. She doesn't say it at dinner. She doesn't say it on the beachfront hammock. She doesn't even say it when the two share a romantic bubble bath in their fantasy suite even though she voices over the scene that she's ready to use the L-word with Jake 4 or 5 times (or so it seems). You just want to push the words out of Gia's mouth because it's so frustrating to watch. She wants to say it and Jake, at this point, really needs to hear it but the entire date goes by and 'love' doesn't pop up once from Gia (even though their date turns out to possibly be the most romantic out of the three). To Read More Click Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

The Bachelor 14: Preview of Episode 7

Tonight marks the penultimate episode of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love and for us that means more make out sessions and more fantasy suite drama! Jake is down to his final three bachelorettes but by the end of episode, he must send one woman home in tears as he offers the final two roses to the women who will meet his family. The romantic adventure begins in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia where Jake presents each bachelorette with an invitation to spend an intimate night together in a "fantasy suite," with the hope that she will accept. To Read More Click Here .

The Bachelor: Jake Pavelka Has No Valentine's Day Plans

Once Mr. Dateless, always Mr. Dateless. Or is Bachelor Jake Pavelka just throwing us off his scent? Last night on Extra, while dancing with Tiger Woods' mistress Rachel Uchitel (yes, it's a mad, mad, mad world we live in) Jake admitted that while he may have already chosen his final girl on The Bachelor, he has no plans for Valentine's Day this year. Judging from the sad look on his face when Rachel posed the question, we'd guess Jake is telling the truth, and he's single once more. After all, his endorsement of rumored "final one" Vienna Girardi wasn't exactly ringing with passion and excitement: "I think Vienna's a great girl. I don't think there's anything wrong with her." Source & Preview

The Bachelor: Will Jake Take Ali Back?

Now that Jake Pavelka is about to narrow down his final two on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, predictions and speculations as to who will end up being the future Mrs. Pavelka have become rampant. However, the biggest controversy to deal with for now is Ali, who calls Jake in next week's episode to ask for a second chance. The question is: Will Jake take Ali back? Not surprisingly, most of our readers believe Jake won't. But it's not because Jake doesn't like Ali or that he's got too much pride to take her back, at least I don't think so. I guess the main issue here is that most fans don't really believe that Ali is asking to come back in spite of the video preview that claims she wants to. Like BuddyTV reader LOVEREID, many believe that Ali's phone call is scripted and that there's manipulative editing involved. Ali seems to be a smart and sensible girl who can stand by her decision to choose work over love. But even if she really does plead to come back on the show, it doesn't make sense for Facebook to suddenly allow her to return on The Bachelor after making such a big deal about her absence and giving her an ultimatum. Jake, on the other hand, strikes me as someone who will not turn down someone he really likes, and Ali seems to fit that description. He's been there and done that on The Bachelorette season 5, after all. But since I find Ali's return a little bit contrived and since there are only two final roses left to give on Monday's episode, I doubt that he'll be giving one of them to Ali. What do you think will happen on Monday's episode? Let me know in the comments below! Source Here