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'Bachelor' Sneak Peek: Ali Calls for a Second Chance

After an emotionally charged conversation with Bachelor Jake Pavelka in which he asked her not to go, 25-year-old Ali Fedotowsky decided to leave the show, and her shot at love with Jake, to ensure she'd stay employed at her job in San Francisco. But this latest sneak peek of next week's Bachelor episode proves that it's not quite over between Ali and Jake, if she has anything to say about it. Jake has accompanied the final three women--Vienna, Gia, and Tenley--to exotic St. Lucia, but that doesn't stop Ali from calling him up and asking for a second chance. Will Jake agree to let Ali return for a second chance, or is it "too little, too late" for the guy who still has three beautiful women competing for his affections? Tune in Monday, Feb.15 at 8pm on ABC to find out during The Bachelor's penultimate episode! In the end, Jake can only offer two final roses to the women he wants to meet his family in the dramatic season finale. Source & Preview

Us Weekly: Tenley "Withheld Sex" from Ex-Husband, Says the Other Woman

Us Weekly has been spreading some crazy rumors about this season's final Bachelor girls, and it turns out even bubbly Tenley Molzahn isn't immune to their gossip: the tabloid has a source who says Tenley isn't "the sweet girl everyone thinks." But take heart, Tenley fans, and take this with a massive grain of salt, everyone else: this information comes straight from the alleged "other woman." Us spoke to Christina Latham, with whom Tenley's ex Ryan Natividad cheated, and to whom he is now reportedly engaged. She had these harsh words to say about the former Disney princess: To Read More Click Here .

'Bachelor' Deleted Scene: Vienna is "So Much Different" with Jake

In this Bachelor Deleted Scene from Monday's episode 6, Jake joins Vienna for her hometown date in Florida, and makes the observation that Vienna actually has a "relaxed," softer side when she doesn't feel the need to talk all the time! Who knew? Watch the scene, and check out Vienna's reaction: she claims she acted crazy in the past few weeks because of pent-up energy. (Something tells me Ali would have begged to differ...) Will we begin to see a different girl now that she's out of the Bachelor mansion and fully immersed in her man? Source & Video

'The Bachelor' Sneak Peek: Ali's Phone Call to Jake

ABC has released a sneak peek to the part of "The Bachelor" where Ali Fedotowsky gives Jake Pavelka a call. The contestant who backed out of the show this week when her boss demanded her to return immediately, calls to tell him that she is having a second thought about leaving him for her job. This clip supports Chris Harrison's hint that the recent episode was not the last time Ali is seen in. "You haven't seen the last of Ali and Jake and their situation is not over. Obviously you could tell when she left, on both sides, they're not done. I'm really proud of the way they handle what's to come," he said. Spoiler Alert There are circulating reports that Ali is still employed as a Facebook staff, meaning that it is most likely that she was gone for good. "I don't know," Harrison said about the possibility of Ali back. "I know that Jake was definitely falling in love with her, but I also know that she's not the only one. ...But he basically told her: Don't leave, I'm falling in love with you. He basically told her she had nothing to worry about on that night so she knew she was definitely [in the] final three at the very least." "The Bachelor" will reveal its drama and mystery on Monday, February 15. On related news, Tenley who is in the top 3 is hit with a tabloid rumor that she withheld sex from her ex husband, Ryan Natividad. "She'd only allow sex once a week...and sometimes she withheld it," said Christina Latham, Natividad's current fiancee who added that Natividad never cheated on Tenley like she said. Source Here

The Bachelor's Ali: "I'll Probably Regret This for the Rest of My Life."

Ali Fedotowsky had a long ride home after last night's Bachelor episode. After receiving an ultimatum from her employer, Ali chose to keep her job over taking a chance on Jake, and voluntarily left the show, leaving Tenley, Gia and Vienna as Jake's final three. In her "Diary of the Departed," Ali expressed sadness, regret, and pragmatism in almost equal measures, saying that she'd "give up everything to be with him," but wasn't willing to give up everything for the chance of being with Jake. "I'm not a gambler, I'll never be one," she said. "And I'll probably regret not playing this hand for the rest of my life." And yet, there was a shred of hope that she and Jake could reunite: "Love will prevail," said Ali. "If he doesn't come find me in the end, then I made the right decision in the first place." Source & Video

Bachelor's Chris Harrison: "You Haven't Seen the Last of Ali and Jake"

The Bachelor had yet another dramatic exit this week. After her romantic hometown date with Jake, 25-year-old Ali was forced to choose between him and her job. Choosing the job - after all, she only had a 25 percent chance of receiving that final rose - Ali said goodbye. And in a series first, no rose ceremony was needed. We spoke to host Chris Harrison about whether viewers have seen the last of the duo, his thoughts on the rest of the hometown dates and why Vienna and Ali are more alike than they'd care to admit. To Read More Click Here .

'Bachelor' Jake Blogs About Ali's Departure

Jake Pavelka has come forward to address the heartbreaking situation when Ali decided to leave "The Bachelor" to pursue her career. The commercial pilot said that he was so hurt when Ali made the decision that it felt like Mike Tyson gave him a jab on the jaw. In his blog posted by People, Jake gave a rundown of how the hometown visits made him feel good and how going back to L.A. was upsetting. "After visiting all the families, I felt really good about where I was in this journey. Then I got back to L.A. and the bottom dropped out. My heart crumbled when she told me her boss demanded her back at work. I didn't actually think she would leave me. We talked about it for three hours that night while the poor women at the rose ceremony just waited." Jake then gave an insight about the situation, explaining "She actually didn't have to be back at work for four or five more days but we were leaving the country the next morning, so she had to make a decision I felt like she wanted me to make the choice for her, but I couldn't. How could I live with myself if I told her, 'No! You are not leaving me now!' and then realize a week or two later that she was not 'the one.' I couldn't make the decision for her." He added, "When she told me she was leaving, my heart stopped. I wish I could've had Mike Tyson punch me square in the jaw, because it would have felt so much better than what I feeling as I watched AliCat drive away that night." Jake praised Ali during his visit to her hometown of Williamstown, Mass. "It was hard to pull myself away from Ali that night; we shared some of the most passionate kissing I had experienced so far!" he said, adding that her family made him comfortable. Next week on "The Bachelor", Jake receives a call from Ali. "Next week we are in Saint Lucia! EVERYTHING changes. This is where the real emotions start to run wild. Relationships are solidified and become unstoppable," Jake teased. Source Here

'The Bachelor': Ali Backs Out for Career

It was a hometown visit week on "The Bachelor" and one woman voluntarily left the show although her family loved Jake Pavelka. Ali, the 25-year-old advertising account manager from Williamstown, MA chose her career over Jake, leaving the show before the rose ceremony took place. Ali first came to Jake's hotel room in Los Angeles, telling him that she had a difficult decision to make and was hoping that he would help her. "I can say we have something really special," Jake said to her. "Life is about minimizing your regrets. You just have to weigh which one is going to be a bigger regret. ...Selfishly, you know, I would say, you know, stay here and take a chance on me. But, I can't, right now, guarantee you I'm going to put a ring on your finger." Ali, teary-eyed, said that she would reveal her decision during the rose ceremony. But before it happened, she met host Chris Harrison, asking permission to speak to Jake. She said to the bachelor, "There's so many what ifs and maybes. The fact of the matter is there's still three other girls downstairs. If you were mine that choice would be easy." Jake replied, "I don't want you to go. If you choose to leave, I'll be devastated." Then there was a moment when Ali muttered "I love you" but Jake did not return it. To Read More Click Here .

'The Bachelor' Gossip Update: Gia Into Sports Hunks, Vienna "Not Quite That Vicious"

Us Weekly's "Bachelor Dirty Secrets" issue came out this week, and their 2-page spread delved into the pasts of Bachelor Jake's final four women--especially Vienna Girardi, whose troubled first marriage has provided lots of fodder for viewers who can't stand her "spoiled daddy's girl" persona. If you didn't get a chance to pick up the issue, here are the highlights and low blows that Us Weekly dealt ex-Hooters girl Vienna and her competition for Jake's love: model Gia Allemand, girl next door Ali Fedotowsky, and sweetheart Tenley Molzahn. Is there a suitable wife for Jake in the bunch? Plus: Radar Online spoke to Vienna's close friend, who explains her side of the "stealing money from her Marine ex-husband for a boob job" story. But does her defense stand up? To Read More Click Here .

The Bachelor 14: Preview of Episode 6

It's time for the highly anticipated hometown dates on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, and this time there's another unexpected twist coming Jake's way. But before Jake crosses the country to meet Gia, Tenley, Vienna and Ali's family to learn more about the women his falling in love with, check out what went down in last week's episode through our recap: I Left My Heart (and Brain, and Dignity) in San Francisco... First, Jake heads to New York to visit Gia and her family. As he gets grilled by Gia's protective family at a Manhattan restaurant, he also learns why Gia is afraid of falling in love. Williamstown, Massachusetts is Jake's next stop tonight. He meets Ali's family and gets a dose of her mother's strong opinions about their relationship. Considering Ali's mom has been able to tell which of Ali's boyfriends were right for her by seeing how they act together in the past, will she like what she sees in Jake? Tenley's family, on the other hand, is understandably very protective of Tenley, having been burned by her ex-husband in the past. So when Jake meets them in Newberg, Oregon, he is forced to answer some very tough questions. But while Tenley's family is concerned about Jake's commitment to Tenley, Jake is also concerned if Tenley is really over her divorce. Last but not the least, Jake heads to Geneva, Florida to visit Vienna for an unusual boat trip where Vienna's father immediately puts Jake on the hot seat. Will Jake be good enough for daddy's princess? We find out about tonight's twist as Jake returns to Los Angeles for the rose ceremony. Though he knows which girl to eliminate, it looks like he won't have to. Because after one bachelorette makes a shocking revelation, the remaining girls learn that there won't be a rose ceremony tonight. Source Here