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The Bachelor: Jake's Yearbook Photo Explains Nickname "Mr. Dateless"

In the newest edition of Life & Style magazine, Bachelor Jake Pavelka reveals his high school yearbook photo, which explains why he revealed a few episodes ago that his nickname back in the day was "Mr. Dateless." "I was just shy around girls at that age," Jake told Life & Style. "I tended to be bullied in the seventh, eighth and ninth grades." Not to say Jake was a bad lookin' boy, per se, but bullied Mr. Dateless had a lot of filling out and growing up to do before he became Bachelor Jake! Jake has no trouble getting a date now, but his current situation of dating 25 women at once has definitely presented its own problems, too. Check out the previews for the latest Bachelor episode, in which Jake meets his final four's families on the hometown dates. Source Here

More 'Bachelor' Sneak Peeks: Gia's Bro Might "Break a Few Legs," Plus Rose Ceremony Drama

A couple more previews of Monday night's Bachelor episode make one thing clear: it's going to be THE. MOST. DRAMATIC. EPISODE. EVERRRR! Ah, just kidding. Who am I, Chris Harrison? Below, check out 2 videos: To Read More Click Here .

The Bachelor: Jake Reveals His Questionable Taste Extends to Music, Too

ABC.com recently posted a playlist compiled by none other than Bachelor Jake Pavelka. And, to borrow a line from Barney Stinson: I hope you're not lactose-intolerant, because boy, are these songs CHEESY! The songs, the site claims are "the most recently played songs in Jake's music collection," and should get us "one step closer" to unlocking the key to Jake's heart. All I have to say is... if a guy's top tracks in 2010 include the 1982 Toto song "Africa," then his heart has been locked away and buried in a time capsule for toooo long. To Read More Click Here .

'The Bachelor' Sneak Peek: Jake Meets Vienna's Daddy Season 14, Episode 6

Bachelor contestant/front-runner Vienna has been talking (maybe even bragging) all season long about what a spoiled daddy's girl she is, even admitting that he's bought her multiple cars because she keeps wrecking them! On Monday night, Bachelor Jake will fly to Florida to meet this self-proclaimed princess's King Daddy, and find out what it would take to get his blessing. Below, check out a sneak peek of Jake's meeting with Vienna's father. Will there be tension or a treaty between Prince Charming and the King? Source & Preview

'The Bachelor' Interview: Corrie Adamson Thinks Jake and Vienna Won't Last

Bachelor contestant Corrie Adamson may not have gotten much screen time, but she certainly made her mark on the show, and on Bachelor Jake Pavelka: first, by lampooning her fellow ladies at a comedy club group date, and later by revealing to Jake, and the nation, that she was saving herself for marriage. Jake eliminated Corrie when he decided upon his final four this past Monday, with whom he will then travel to hometowns and meet their parents. But Corrie left the competition with "no regrets," confident that Jake isn't the guy for her, but happy she went and found out. Corrie spoke with the media this morning about her Bachelor experience. Below, check out her thoughts on Vienna, virginity, and more. To Read More Click Here .

'Bachelor's' Vienna Drained Ex's Savings On Boob Job - Starpulse

Bachelor contestant Vienna Girardi is not only a nightmare on the hit ABC show -- apparently, she is one in real life. The new Us Weekly (on newsstands now) reports that Girardi -- an unemployed, 23-year-old former Hooters waitress -- withdrew her ex-husband Josh Riley's last $5,000 from his bank account to pay for breast implants while he was deployed in Iraq with the Marines. To Read More Click Here .

'Bachelor' Producer Fleiss On Season's Spoilers: "It kind of bugs us."

Just two days after the current Bachelor season began airing, TV blogger Reality Steve revealed a slew of spoilers about the show on his website, including which women would get roses and go on which dates, and ultimately who would receive the season's final rose, and possibly a proposal, from Bachelor Jake Pavelka. Claiming sources inside show production, Steve assures his readers that these spoilers are accurate, and so far, five episodes into the season, his predictions have come to pass. Entertainment Weekly spoke with Bachelor executive producer Mike Fleiss about these major show spoilers, and how they affect the show: "That's something that kind of bugs us." he said. But on the other hand, "In some ways, it's just more promotion. We would like to find out [who his source is]." Fleiss said the show has dished out major cash in the past to track down inside sources: "We spent a lot of money and we hired these guys from the Israeli secret service to shake down people and look at phone records and stuff like that. We ultimately found out who it was. That person no longer works for us." To Read More Click Here .

Vienna's Reputation Is Even Worse Behind 'Bachelor'

Vienna Girardi's unpopularity increases as her former relative opened up to media how she spent her ex-husband's money to enhance her body. One of "The Bachelor" season 14 contestants, Vienna is disliked by most of the women in the dating competition. However, bachelor Jake Pavelka has kept her until the final four with the reason she was misunderstood by the others. To Us Weekly, her ex-mother-in-law Gale said Vienna milked her son Josh Riley's bank account when they were still married. She took $5,000 from his saving to pay for her boob job, all while he was serving for the country in Iraq with the Marines. "She took every bit of his money," Gale exposed. "I know that boob job was the first thing she had done." Josh added more painful truth, saying "she slept with one of my buddies I was deployed with ...I'm 99 percent sure she cheated on me." He continued, "Marrying her was a mistake." They were a married couple for only 10 months. Josh preferred to make no comment regarding Vienna's participation on "Bachelor" and would rather "forget" her. Vienna herself had talked about her marriage to Jake during a group date. "I was engaged to my pastor's son in high school," the 23 year-old said. "I dated him for four years, we got engaged my senior year. The when I was 17 I graduated and realized I wasn't ready. I ended up calling the marriage off and literally a month later he got married and was having a kid. It was really hard losing him so I - at 18 - ran off and eloped with a guy that didn't even know. Four months later we were signing divorce papers. But it really made me grow up." [Spoiler Alert] There was a scoop that Vienna would be in the final two with Tenley. Despite her reputation, Jake chose Vienna as his final rose. Source Here

The Bachelor: Jake Shows ET His "Bachelor Pad," Hangs a Special Rose from His Bed

Want a glimpse of what awaits Bachelor Jake's final choice once he's a bachelor no more? Check out this video of ET going inside Jake's home in Dallas, Texas, where they found out all about his cooking talents, how he decorated his living room, and what his latest woodworking projects are. Plus: what's the deal with the dried rose hanging from his bedpost? Creepy! How do we know that this video shows Jake's real life? Because it's incredibly mundane and boring! No helicopters, no surprise chests full of designer clothing... this is real life, lady. So get ready, wife-to-be, if you exist. Source & Video

The Bachelor: Ali Versus Vienna

After weeks of drama between Ali and Vienna on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, it doesn't look like the tension between these two bachelorettes is going to simmer down anytime soon. Ali is still very vocal about not liking Vienna while Vienna is still the girl that everyone loves to hate. This week's episode alone had its share of Ali vs. Vienna fiasco. Thanks to Corrie's little prank, we learned how Ali really feels about Vienna when she thought she was going on a two-on-one date with her. Ali practically wanted to throw up while Vienna got upset because of how Ali reacted. To Read More Click Here .