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The Challenge

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Wednesdays, 8:00 PM EST on MTV
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What you get when you take several people from sister shows The Real World and Road Rules and make them compete against each other for cash prizes.


Dead Man's Drop

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The Challenge S6E4
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We start off this week with all the ladies having a battle of their own to fight right now and that is not against the guys, but with Mr. Diarrhea. While all the women are trying to gain enough strength for the next competition, the guys are living it up in their now "peaceful without David" villa. The mission phone lets them know that they should be ready by 10:30am and wear swimsuits and have plenty of sunblock. On the way to the mission the guys try to form a "voting-off" plan to keep their team more organized and civil than the ladies. With David withdrawing himself from competition in the previous episode, the guys have yet to have to vote someone off. The guys finalize a plan to vote off the male player with the lowest commulative score which leaves Latterian the team mascot fearing his departure. The teams arrive to find trapeeze bars hanging above the water. Jon announces "Dead Man's Drop", where each team member will have to hand upside-down with their legs over the bars and whatever team that has the longest commulative time between all the members wins. The winner will received Loews Cineplex(movie) Season Passes for their entire team and the Ion Lifesaver. Gladys worrys that she might not be able to compete in this mission and it only gets comfirmed by Jon when he tells her she has to sit out due to the chance of bood rushing to her head and away from her lower body and away from her unborn child. Gladys understands but is still upset about letting her team down. The first round goes with Jake(22 secs-due to unsupported genitals), Lori(2:17), Jisela(2:23), Tonya(2:45), Dan(2:55), David B(3:14), Anne(3:31), Mark(3:55), and Puck(6:56) Round 2 goes with Latterian(19 secs), Beth(1:34), Rachel(2:23), Ayanna(2:38), Yes(2:47), James(3:31), Eric N(4:05), Antoine(6:05), and Emily(6:22). Round 3 goes with Amaya(12 secs), Melissa(1:35), Aneesa(1:41), Christina(2:07), Jamie(2:44), Colin(4:46), Ellen(5:28), and Ruthie beating all with 7:35. The girls end up taking the prize with Ruthie coming in first place and becoming the Ion Lifesaver holder. Laterrian is already starting to freak out knowing that he will most likely be at the bottom of the scoreboard. The inner circles are announced as- Girls 1)Ruthie from Real World Hawaii 2)Ellen from Road Rules The Quest 3)Anne from Road Rules Northern Trail Guys 1)Colin from Real World Hawaii 2)Jamie from Real World New Orleans 3)Theo from Real World Chicago While the guys inner circle keeps straight to their plan, the girls are having a bit of drama. Ellen believes that they should keep the strongest team while Ruthie feels uncomfortable with Beth since she came up and begged not to vote her off claiming they were friends when Ruthie has never "hung out" with Beth. Anne wants to vote off Veronica cause she believes she never makes a effort by not coming up to talk to anyone and hanging low-key. The Elimination Proceding arrives with the ladies inner circle choosing Beth from Real World LA while the guys choose Laterrian from the Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour. Ruthie honors Gladys with the Ion Lifesaver since she was not given the chance to compete but has the heart of a competitor. We end the night with the guys villa partying like crazy and the ladies worrying about who or how they're going to vote next.

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