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The Challenge

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Wednesdays, 8:00 PM EST on MTV
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What you get when you take several people from sister shows The Real World and Road Rules and make them compete against each other for cash prizes.


Tree House

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The Challenge S6E5
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We start off with the girls so happy about their winning streak hoping that it doesn't end at the next mission. Dan is hanging out in the girl's villa saying the guys just go back and scream at each other after every competition they lose. Puck says that his girlfriend and son are coming to visit and he decides what better place then Jamaica to get married. Mark, as the only married male on the cast, takes Puck around to see if they can find a great site for the wedding and give him a little pointers on how the ceremony should be set up. Puck gives Mark the honor of holding Bogart, his son, during the ceremony. Back at the girl's villa, Puck is talking to the ladies about his wedding and Ellen wonders why he would want to have a wedding and invite all the Real World and Road Rules teammates to it even though he may not get along with most of them. She then claims that Puck is doing it all for show, and Pucks lets her know that she's being rude. She then returns the "You're rude" back in which Puck lets her know that he is only rude to people he doesn't like. She then goes on to tell him that she thinks he's a Jerk. Puck goes on to warn her that she's making a brutal mistake and no one messes with "The Puck". Back at the guy's villa, Puck explains to the rest of the guys that he doesn't think she realizes that he's "The Puck". The guys agree and Puck explains that he plans to retaliate. Puck then goes on to say he plans on kicking the girl's butt. He says he can make Amaya cry in a minute and will leave Veronica alone cause Eric N wants to get with her, which he denies. At dinner, they receive a mission message through their Nokia phone stating that the next mission will be a brain game and to pick their partner wisely. Amaya says it'll be a puzzle while Dan thinks they may make them eat some sorta of animal brain. The following morning, which turns out to be Puck's 34th Birthday, in which he wants a win as his gift. Over in the girl's villas, all the girls are having their period and there is lots of pain to go around. Anne seems to be taking it the worst but she says she'll fight in this next mission no matter what. Puck says he is after Ellen today during this mission cause she "opposed the Puck". They arrive at the site of the mission, where Jonny explains "Tree House". The teams will be given 5 minutes to study a 3 foot tall house made of over-sized Lincoln Logs. After that, a pile of pieces will be dropped from a bag where it will be free for all for the teams to take pieces. The team that correctly assembles their house the fastest wins a Razor Scooter package. They inspect the model and the competition begins. The guys have this competition nailed and all finish first while the girls seem to have a little more trouble completing the houses. Rachel & Ayanna finish first in the girl's half and Ayanna goes to help Ellen's house. But Rachel tells her not to cause it wasn't clear in the rules if teams can help out other teams. It got to the point where the guys finally came over and helped the girls just to finish the competition. The teams finish in order of- 1)Dan & Jamie 2)Colin & Yes 3)James & Jake 4)Syrus & Eric 5)Puck & Shane 6)Eric & Mark 7)Theo & Antoine 8)David & Blair 9)Emily & Christina 10)Rachel & Ayanna 11)Jisela & Genesis 12)Gladys & Ruthie 13)Anne & Aneesa 14)Tonya & Ellen 15)Melissa & Lori 16)Amaya & Veronica Since Dan & Jamie finished first, they receive the Razor Scooter Package and the Ion Lifesaver. Back at the villas, Colin is laid out on a chair with his leg up cause he rolled his ankle on a lincoln log. The doctor says he should stay off it for at least a day. The Inner circles are announced as- Girls 1)Ruthie from Real World Hawaii 2)Ellen from Road Rules The Quest 3)Anne from Road Rules Northern Trail Guys 1)Colin from Real World Hawaii 2)Jamie from Real World New Orleans 3)Puck from Real World San Francisco They are sent and given their one hour to deliberate. In the girls' Inner Circle, Ruthie suggest sending Gladys home since most likely the next mission will be more athletic and she won't be able to compete and they can't afford a 0 from a teammate. Ellen suggests voting off Rachel since she wouldn't help out in the Tree House competition, she says it affects the team unity. Ruthie quickly shot down Ellen's vote saying the rules were not clear enough and she believes it's more of a personal decision with Ellen then for the team. Ellen says this will be something she remembers in future Inner Circles. We don't even see the guy's Inner Circle, cause it was cleary stated that the lowest scorer would be going home. At the elimination proceedings, Ruthie has trouble even walking up to declare Gladys is going home cause she loves her so much. Gladys agrees with the decision completely saying it's her time to go. The girls all cry and hug. Puck makes a comment while the girls are hugging and Ellen believes the guys don't know how to think for themselves and they have Puck around cause he's a clown. The guys Inner Circle goes up next and Puck who fakes crying declares Eric J will be going home. Jamie then gives the Ion Lifesaver to Puck since it's his birthday. We end with Gladys and Eric saying their goodbyes and leaving. Ruthie states that she believes Ellen was evil in her reasoning for wanting to vote off Rachel and she doesn't trust her now.

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