Tuesdays, 12:00 AM ET on Comedy Central

30 minutes

Hosted by Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani, The Meltdown is a half-hour eight-episode standup showcase based on the duo's Los Angeles live show of the same name, one of the most popular standup shows in town. Ray and Nanjiani have been hosting the live show from the NerdMelt Theater since 2011. The Comedy Central version will feature about four comedians per episode and will be a mix of standup and backstage footage. The Meltdown was directed by Lance Bangs, and the series is being produced by Ben Stiller via his company Red Hour and Emily Gordon, who produces and books the live show.

Episode Guide

24 episodes

  • 8 episodes
    8 episodes
    • s3e8The One With Meltdown and a Murder
      November 22, 2016
    • s3e7The One With Tiny
      November 15, 2016
    • s3e6The One With OCD
      November 1, 2016
    • s3e5The One Without Neil deGrasse Tyson
      October 25, 2016
    • s3e4The One With the Hypnotic Herpes
      October 19, 2016
    • s3e3The One With More Dicks
      October 12, 2016
    • s3e2The One With the Box of Pain
      October 5, 2016
    • s3e1The One With the Improv Troupe
      September 28, 2016
  • 8 episodes
    8 episodes
  • 8 episodes
    8 episodes