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The Returned season finale was a disappointment

A&Es version of The Returned finished its first season last night. As promised , it diverged from the French show it was based on. But last nights episode really didnt feel like a season finale. Spoilers ahead.   Read More... //

The Returned Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Peter

Caldwell isn't alone, but that's anything but good news. On The Returned Season 1 Episode 10 , Peter learned that Caldwell isn't the only town where people have risen from the dead. Unfortunately, those other towns disappeared along with everyone in them. This news, plus a pregnancy and more death made for a packed hour with little resolution.   Read More... //

'The Returned' recap: 'Peter'

Like Helen promised, bad things are happening.   Read More... //

The Returned: Season 1 Finale Review

A&E closes out the first season of English remake.   Read More... //

'The Returned' Season 1 finale pulls a 'Final Destination'

There may be a lot more dead people in Caldwell if the Season 1 finale of "The Returned" is any indication.In the closing seconds, Simon (Mat Vairo) is returning to the valley town when he gets a premonition of the dam breaking and flooding everything in sight. A few blinks later he realizes he imagined the whole thing -- but he clearly takes it as a sign of what's to come and rushes down the mountain to warn everyone.Was it a premonition a la "Final Destination" or just Simon's mind playing tricks on him?The vision seems more legitimate after Lucy's (Leah Gibson) latest message from the dead, who tell her to warn Rowan (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) to listen to Simon's warning when he comes back -- because Rowan is carrying his child.The premonition also gets weight from the disturbing intel Peter (Jeremy Sisto) receives from a Chicago reporter who is investigating the reports that... //

'The Returned' recap: 'Helen'

Helen finds some dynamite.   Read More... //

The Returned Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Helen

One man's dynamite is another woman's key to killing an entire town. Helen proved on The Returned Season 1 Episode 9 that she's always had a few screws loose in the head. However, her plan to destroy the dam paled in comparison to the truth bomb Peter dropped.   Read More...   //

'The Returned' recap: 'Claire'

Caldwell's full of more death than usual.   Read More... //

The Returned Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Claire

Death's come a knockin' and taking a few tragic souls with him. Things have taken a turn for the worse on The Returned Season 1 Episode 8 as Caldwell's body count rises. So let's discuss what these deaths mean to the story going forward. This episode felt like a departure dramatically. Tensions have been high for a while now, but the storyline tonight showed us the direction the show will be taking in the remaining episodes. It's going to get dark!  Read More... //

The Returned Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Rowan

There's always that breaking point when enough is enough! Rowan finally realized the years she wasted grieving Simon in The Returned Season 1 Episode 7 . Unfortunatelyfor Simon, he got handed a lot more than rejection. Tonight's episode opened up with a flashback to one year earlier when Rowan tried to kill herself.   Read More...   //