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The Good Doctor

A different approach to medical series, being this one, one of the best acting of an autistic doctor who puts you to think about the people with disabilities and how they can contribute to life if you give them a chance and trust them. I saw the first season and I was stunned by it. Its superb and entertaining. Can't wait for the second season to watch.


This show is one of my fav. The story line is so complicated and diverse, has romance, has war, has rage, hate, sex, homosexuality. It has everything and keeps you on your feet all the time. So entertaining that I wish that I could see and watch till the end. I suffer every time they stop in between seasons and I have to wait for next season to keep looking, so interesting this is. This woman falls through a hole in time on some magic place in Scotland and lands on the war time between England and Scotland. She falls in love with one of the rebels and from then on is one after the other. She is married on this century to another and she finds herself back but pregnant from the other guy on the other age. Can't wait for next season. I recommend it.


Great show, one of my favourites but the ending felt like someone axed it. Terrible ending or no good ending. I am sorry such a good series had to end like this because some stupid producer did not want to fund it anymore. As The same I did for other channels, I have blocked this one too. No matter how good they say it is, I am not watching anything on that channel USA again in my life. They also canceled Mr. Robot and the only program worth there is Suits which I won't watch because when the program is in its best, they cancel it.