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I love TV. That is all. #sorrynotsorry

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Oh my god. I could not be more disappointed. The writing, the acting, the design... everything is terrible.
Plus, so many liberties have been taken with the original story; I can't stand it.

White Collar

This is a fun and exciting action/crime drama.
The exceedingly handsome Neal Caffrey is so charming and smart, but also complex with more and more of his story piecing together throughout the seasons.
The con-artistry is amazing - whether it's part of a procedural story or one of Neal's great heists unfolding throughout a season - it sets the show apart from others of it's genre and cements it as a favourite for me.

Give it a shot; I highly recommend it.

The Newsroom

TV at it's finest.
Intelligent and witty; truly great writing. Dramatic, funny and thought-provoking.

I'm so disappointed that it's ending so soon. It's the best show on TV; I can't recommend it enough.