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The Durrells

A dysfunctional British family moves to Greece only to learn that they can't solve their issues, but at least they are together and it isn't raining. Every character's life is washed over by intrigue and just the right balance of drama and comedy, so every episode will keep you on your toes and yearn for more. Enjoy the Greek island of Corfu with all it has to offer: wildlife, beaches, love and loss.

Green Wing

Surreally fantastic show. If you're into british humor look into it. Like a crazy dream with lot of laughs. Go for it, yeah? :D


One of the best shows ever aired in my opinion. The actors, costumes, and sets really bring the despair and desperation of 1930's America to life, and the supernatural elements are woven into that historical backdrop seamlessly, which makes them all the more disturbing. It's such a shame that this show was cancelled after only two seasons, but it's still absolutely worth watching.