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We know that with all the series out there, it is practically imposible to keep updated. So, here is a list of series that have concluded but are still worth watching.



Queer Eye

I was reluctant to watching this show, but a binge-watch saturday was all I needed. I really loved how they help people. I don't quite understand how much time they take into each person, it feels like three days, but is it a week? two weeks? The only thing I found annoying was Jonathan's constantly screaming


I really wanted to love this show. I loved the movie and when I saw that it was going to be a series I got pretty excited but my god. This is one bad series. Clary's acting is painful to watch. I only kept watching for Alec and Magnus. The story was becoming boring and repetitive. I'm not surprised it got cancelled, I was shocked to see it got to 3 seasons. I'm sorry for the crew and the rest of the actors, but that's how it goes.

Great News

This was a fun show, though at times quite annoying, I really liked the characters. It was a crazier version of De Niro's The Intern, and it was fun to watch after a stressful week at work.