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The Brave

Ok, I'm really getting sick and tired of CBS. For one thing they take half the shows you want to see and put them all online. You get all ready to see them and then you find out, oh no, they are on CBS blah blah blah .com go and you know what. Cable isn't enough? That's one rant. The other more importantly in this case is 'THE BRAVE' is the best of the three 'seal' shows out there. It's the most realistic, really gets your heart pumping. Love the characters. It's just really exciting. Don't get me wrong, I like the actors in one of the other ones, but it's just to slow moving to be believable. THIS ONE IS 'THE' ONE. And yet, these fools CANCEL THIS ONE????? Come on people, we have changed their minds before, lets make a stick and let them know what we want!!!!!!!!! THE BRAVE!

The Village

This is the best new show since This Is Us. Even better for me. It is about the fraze 'It takes a village. It is about the lives of the occupants of each apartment in the building and how they all intertwine, care for one another. Treat each other like family, it covers so many life issues, as each family goes through different life stages. And how they cope with them. It's not sad or boring, It is a drama, but you get drawn in so quickly that it feels like you take two breaths and it's over!

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It is absurd to me that they should only order two episodes to determine whether a show will make it or not! The Characters haven't even been established yet. We have had no time to get a good feel for the program, the actors, or the characters. During the first half dozens shows is when a lot of tweaking is done. Just makes no sense at all.......