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I'm not wringing my fingers waiting for the next episode, but I'll binge watch this shit if there is a season up.



My So-Called Life

I watched the entirety of MSCL over a week in 2014 during which time it consumed me. Despite dealing with some fairly trivial and mundane issues it was thoroughly enjoyable. I found the portrayal of the relationship between Jordan and Angelina to capture a lot of unspoken truths of young 'love'.

I both loath and love that the show was only one series long. Loath in the sense that I desire so much more from the program and love in the sense that it stands individually great on the basis of one season alone.

The Carrie Diaries

In my opinion it is disappointing that The Carrie Diaries has been cancelled. This show, despite the fact that it is supposed to be a pre-tense to Sex in The City, which is questionable, showed some great potential. The show cast some excellent new, young and fresh actors, many of whom I hope to see acting again in the future. Kudos must also be given to the writing team who manage to balance the progression of story line with the continuity of characters and scenarios perfectly. I really thought this show would be picked back up for a third season. This certainly came as a shock.

I watched the entirety of Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 within two days. Before watching the program I dismissed it as rubbished, partly due to the long winded title. However, I really enjoyed this program which, despite offering up a story line which has been done time and time again, gave us James Van Der Beek playing himself in a fictional setting. Although, in saying that, at times I found James' character very dry, however this may have been a result of the characters self absorbed persona. The greatest feature of this program is of course Chloe, a young, attractive and out the box protagonist who in my opinion steals the spotlight from June who presents more of a cookie cutter character. None the less I was disappointed to learn that the program had been cancelled.