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Genre :: Pre-Teen Kids

63 Shows

Shows that are on Disney and Nickelodeon

Shows :: Cancelled

58 Shows

Shows that I've watched from the very first pilot to the very last episode even though it did not have a proper ending because it was abruptly cancelled by the network.

Genre :: School Drama

98 Shows

Shows that are set from school to college which happens to be a favourite genre of mine.

Cartoons & Anime

5 Shows

Satisfying the little girl inside me.. I love me some cutesy shows!

Shows :: Dropped

12 Shows

Shows that I was interested to watch but somehow lost interest along the way and stopped watching. I really try hard not to do this, but some shows just gotta go...

Shows :: Anticipating

4 Shows

Shows that I have heard about and am eager to start watching. But either I have too many shows I'm following that I just don't have time for it yet or the show just…