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The Witcher

Henry Cavil did an amazing job, as did Joey Batey playing the bard accompanying him.

Freya Allan playing Ciri was also enjoyable for the most part, minus some *shes young lets have her do illogical things that get her into trouble* bits here and there.

Unfortunately for me the rest of the scenes not including those 3 characters were unappealing, there was a way the show runners portrayed certain scenes that just didn't add benefit to the series, there is a way to show or tell you something happened that doesn't necessarily make you regret spending time on the earlier part of the show. Good Writing imo has been replaced by Nudity and White Males dieing in grotesquely creative ways.

If i knew before what I know after watching, I would skip to all the action scenes and close after, If the next season feels similar I won't be watching it.

Grand Hotel

I don't watch many soaps, however I didn't know this was a soap when i started watching it. Will Recommend.

Fact cheked him a few times and he misrepresneted and or lied. No thanks