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If someone asked me to recommend a show to them, I'd start here.

65 Shows

I'm happy to have crossed paths with these shows. Those of you who haven't seen at least one should try it.




Started out very promising.
- Does not have that "cheap" feel most current Sci-Fi shows do.
- It does not employ a cast of tweens wearing leather and gothic make-up.
Downside is, like with most Sci-Fi aimed at adults it's more about the drama, meaning you will see no actual aliens (at least for now, hoping that will change).
All in all it's something to turn to if Magicians/Shadowhunters felt too immature, but you need to feed your inner Geek.

Absolutely brilliant. I wish my country would have one of these! A perfect mix of comedy and actual news you might otherwise never hear of, or at least not in an ulfiltered manner ;)

Fuller House

While I've been a fan of the original show, this just feels wrong. Even though we can look at this through the prism of being young back then, I still believe today's youth will not be able to appreciate the outdated references and concept of a sit-com where everyone enters via a magical door that goes straight into your living-room/kitchen. Even the "jabs" at today's teens with the abundance of electronic devices feel weak and somehow blunted. If I cannot enjoy it (and I have with the original show) I highly doubt anyone except for fans that have never grown up will. I just feel like the producers (much like Kimmy Gibbler) are stuck in the 80's. Imagine a remake of Star-Trek that featured paper models on strings instead of CGI, for that authentic 60's feel... would you enjoy that?