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These shows not only showcase great acting and writing, but they also left their mark on the TV industry itself and became my personal faves.

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These shows were interesting enough to get my attention, and start watching them. Unfortunately they weren't captivating enough to keep me watch, so I had to stop…

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The Good Fight

I have to say I wasn't really expecting a lot from the spinoff (TGW was indeed a truly amazing show, but I didn't see a future without Alicia), however, I must say that TGF delivered, which goes to show the incredible writing team behind it! And hey, swear words FTW! 'Though it has a lot in common with the flagship series, The Good Fight ultimately blows up The Good Wife’s narrative.'

The Simpsons

The love I have for this show is something I can't describe in words. I grew up watching this show, and I hope one day, my kids will grow up watching it too.

The Event

This was honestly a great show! It had a lot of potential, shame it got cancelled due to low ratings.