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I absolutely love Outlander! It's the first TV show in a long time that i can genuinely say it's been difficult to wait for the next episode. I mark off the days of the week, waiting. I love the plot, characters, cast, and it's setting. I already feel it will be painful waiting for season two, i have no doubt in my mind about it's renewal :)

Battlestar Galactica

When concluded i was left with a big Battlestar Galactica shaped hole in my life. A sci-fi masterpiece filled with excitement, i became a back-to-back episode watching mother fraker! Must watch for sci-fi enthusiasts.


(This review is based on the first episode alone) Ascension is absolutely enthralling! It has everything that makes an epic sci-fi: science, action, suspense, mystery, drama... as well as interesting characters, awaiting to unfold. Very excited to see where this journey goes!