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Someday... Maybe...

21 Shows

There are shows that everyone raves about but I just never get around to. Maybe on some rainy day in some distant future I will. They will be on this list waiting for me.



Veronica Mars

With the exception of Duncan everything and everyone is great on this show. In a recent opinion on why people should start watching The Good Place the following is presented: Kristen Bell is the perfect choice for a role that requires a bad person to be likeable. And Kristen Bell is. Veronica Mars is also the perfect character. I can look past a lot just because of this so adding that there is not a lot to look past five stars seems a bit low.


1½ minute in and I was already laughing loudly. Fleabag has a very direct and honest sort of humour that I often find annoying but here it really works. The characters have been cast perfectly - I am honestly impressed with their ability to keep straight faces for a lot of the scenes. It is worth a watch if you are into caricatures and/or extreme versions of every day people - who like the rest of us are totally messed up.

London Spy

This will not be for everyone. London Spy is obviously made in Europe, which is made evident in everything from the story to the way it has been filmed. I find it delightfully different from much of the other spy/drama/crime that is out there on the market. The performances are stellar and who can't deal with sitting through only four episodes - I know I can, and you should too.