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Diana Køhler

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Someday... Maybe...

21 Shows

There are shows that everyone raves about but I just never get around to. Maybe on some rainy day in some distant future I will. They will be on this list waiting for me.


6 Shows

All the the cartoons that I watched (mostly as a kid)

Ready for takeoff

5 Shows

Those shiny new toys that we all enjoy.

Comic relief

46 Shows

We all need a laugh from time to time.

MTV madness

6 Shows

All this list does is make me realise I watch too much MTV.

Hail the nerds

14 Shows

Because nerds are the best.


5 Shows

Because I can't stop myself and track waaaaaay more shows than I should.

Make mine music

11 Shows

Because what show doesn't get better from adding a bit of music (quite a few actually).