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Houdini and Doyle

I am really enjoying this show. The juxtaposition of Doyle, author of the most logical detective ever, also being engrossed with the supernatural, against Houdini, the master of mystical illusion, defending the pragmatic and logical, is a masterful pairing. Adding in Constable Stratton and the dismal past of London, which lends itself to sinister acts and darker explanations, comes to equal fantastic TV.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I didn't expect the singing and honestly, this show keeps cracking me up and catching me off guard. The Fred and Ginger-like song was a huge win in my book and a great subtle reference. Yep. I'm liking this one.

Men at Work

This show is funny. The cast is great. It's like if the men of How I Met Your Mother had their own show and all worked at the same place.