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Doctor Who

U Just have to list the Facts... 12 Doctors....35 Seasons.. 1 Tardis... Many Companions ... Will there be a female Doctor ??? BIG HUGE LOVE.... Just the sound of the tardis makes me smile...

If u don't know Dr. Who, watch it, it's Pop Cultural must watch !!!!

Big Blue Live

BIG Blue Lives, i love the ocean and the animals. I love otters. But, i thought it could have been a little bit more interesting. The Moderation was not that good. And They could have given me more Facts about the animals and the ocean. But beautiful camera shots


Baskets, a series with the best background music :D The humor is so pure and the acting ist great. A gd clown story . Identify crisis as a Clown :D . I am excited where this Storyline is going. People give this series a try !