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Emma J. M. Svensson

I'm a total TV, and sometimes movie, geek. I like a great variety of genres but I like to keep it fresh and doesn't watch pure comedy or horror.

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Bad gone good

33 Shows

These are all shows where character have been introduced as bad/mean/troublesome ones that you automatically hate but though time have become some of my favorite…

Doing bad things for good reasons

40 Shows

These are all shows where some of my favorite characters are doing bad things for good reasons (or just bad things, in a bad as way so that I love them anyway). For…

New: fall 2016

9 Shows

Premiered fall 2016

I love me some undercover!

10 Shows

Shows where the characters do a lot of undercover work.

Spies are always the coolest!

6 Shows

Shows centered around spies or with the spy element.

Best Friends Forever!

18 Shows

These are shows about a group of friends that stick by each other and grow closer throughout the seasons.

Show's I probably should watch

8 Shows

Show's that I, as a geek, should probably watch, but can't really find the time and effort to actually sit down and watch.

90's kid

12 Shows

Kids (and teen) shows that I loved growing up.

Connections to Sweden

7 Shows

These are shows that are Swedish, are built on a Swedish concept or have Swedish actors/actresses in leading roles.

All done

54 Shows

This is a list of concluded tv-shows that I've watch every episode of.