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Emma J. M. Svensson

I'm a total TV, and sometimes movie, geek. I like a great variety of genres but I like to keep it fresh and doesn't watch pure comedy or horror.

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Currently arring on Viaplay (or on hiatus)


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Shows I'm currently (or semi-currently) binge-watching.


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The absolut top 5 shows right now (only current shows), in my opinion of course. I am caught up on a great deal of shows at all times so I'd say my opinion is pretty…

Marvel Universe

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Tv series in the Marvel universe.

Upcoming 2017

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New stuff I'm exited about for 2017.

CW TV's DC Comics Universe

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All shows in CW's DC Comics universe

Chicago Universe

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All shows in NBC's Chicago Series universe.


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Shows who have gotten a reboot or will get a reboot, either as a movie or new series. The list also includes the shows that are the actual reboots.

Power play, scheming and sexy times!

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No description needed.