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Forgettable show with bad dialogue and cliche characters. It will probably be on for years.



Oh Glee. I love you, I hate you, then I kinda like you again, then I'm throwing things at the set wishing you were dead.

Mostly a fun show that managed to include important issues for the LGBT community and highlight them fabulous with show tunes. The show manages to get some big name Broadway stars and other huge music performers to guest and even play recurring roles. The music is all hits that would not be used by your average small town glee club because royalties are expensive.

Mostly a diverse cast and some inclusion of their different issues though not always done well. The inclusion of a Down's Syndrome character was initially welcome however her storyline became increasingly insulting. The patronizing way they dealt with her sexuality. The way she devolved into a screaming lunatic. Even the episode that was about her they chose another actor to narrate instead of the actor who played Becky. (Yeah, it was Helen Mirren but it was still cheesy and insulting.)

Fresh Off The Boat


I'm still amazed it took 2 decades to get another Asian American comedy on American TV. And it has an awesome grandma adding fun one liners throughout the show. And this time they cast someone old enough to be a grandmother.

The good news: no laugh track, cast is great (Emmy nomination for Constance Wu, please), they are likeable and, though they face unique challenges, much of the stories are universal.

The bad news: it's based on the memoirs of misogynist Eddie Huang. The main character is annoying because of this and his antics detract from the show overall. There are also some tired cliches in this show though I imagine it is difficult to get a show on network TV without them.



The original French film that spawned all these remakes was amazing and, as far as I was concerned, none of the remakes and series came close to the original. Until Maggie Q came along. The cast was great. And the action was well done. The story lines were interesting.

And by starting after Nikita escaped it gave the show more interesting and newer story lines to work with.



I know this is considered sacrilege but I loved this show more than Cheers. (Especially more than the Kirstie Alley whiney years.)

Frasier and his brother, Niles, are two pompous snobs who manage to surround themselves with lovable people that truly humanize them. Also there's Eddie, who initially just looks a little ratty but quickly shows off his charm and endears you to him.

John Mahoney is especially brilliant. Pretty much the entire cast is. The humour is usually smart even when they used off the wall scenarios. This is one show that lasted a decade because it really was good.

Inside Amy Schumer


Just when I was about to give up on Comedy Central they (finally)realized that there are women and intelligent men who like comedy. Inside Amy Schumer is funny and brings the topics no one else would.

Game of Thrones


It's neverending violence by a bunch of hairy dirty men who are, with relatively few exceptions, undistinguishable from each other.

Apparently they added lots of rape that didn't appear in the books because the writers seem to get off on that. But the show has left me uninterested in reading the books.

Dragons are cool but not enough to watch this tiresome and overrated show.



The concept is good but the execution is a bit uneven. Some of the actors are great and some are mediocre in a good moment. The writing has moments where is starts to get interesting and then it winds up somewhere predictable.

Weird pilot moment: Josie (while trying to make a point) says the Pussycats only play their own songs then the first song they perform is Cyndi Lauper's. It was a good version but using it made the character less credible. Why not have some write something for the show?



Often called the "British Friends" this show is funnier and smarter than Friends. It does still have a laugh track which is annoying. It also has Gina Bellman who is hilarious.



This show changed American television for the better. It was one of the few (and sadly still is) that featured working class families. And used realistic actors to portray them. It showed realistic struggles that come with unemployment and bad economies for the people Hollywood largely forgets.

It was groundbreaking for women behind the scenes and on camera. It heavily featured strong women without demeaning the male characters. They were complex and showed the real lives of women. They handled domestic violence, sexism, breast reduction, female friendships, teen birth control, etc. It included on of the funniest first period episodes of television.

It was also groundbreaking for LGBT issues. One of the first lesbian kisses on primetime network television. It wasn't done for ratings and Roseanne had to fight to have it aired. A hilarious over the top gay wedding. A variety of interesting LGBT characters.

Also: Riot Grrrls and Traci Lordes.

One of the most subversive shows to air. Thanks largely to Roseanne's constant willingness to take on producers and network execs. Just skip the last season.