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Black Sails

If there ever was a show that is Perfect in every aspect that would be Black Sails!!!! Storyline, acting, plot, character development, quality of production, cast, pace, and a prequel to one of the greatest stories from our childhood (treasure Island)...So sad it ended and really really hoping that a new series covering the period between the end of black sails and the start of treasure Island is produced one day!!

Berlin Station

What a great first season!! Well written and very well acted. The story is amazing, the development of the characters is superb, and the setting is perfect. Looking forward for the second season

House of Cards

Now that is a realistic approach to depicting politics! A great show and the acting talent is unmatched....The only setback is that the protagonist Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is such an evil, treacherous and conniving individual that its impossible to root for... Well he might be the lesser evil when compared to his wife ;)....