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Usually I wait for more than 1 episode before posting a review but this was too good to wait! I fell in love with it from the very first scenes.. it has everything you could ever hope to have in an epic fantasy show including but not limited to ongoing action, awesome plot, amazing actors, breathtaking scenery and great costumes. Right now my only regret is not having read the books beforehand which I will surely do in the coming months. Being a huge fantasy lover myself, these two initial episodes were a treat that went down like a glass of water in the desert. If you loved Lord of the Rings, you will definitely love these as well. I do hope that this show continues along the same lines as it would be a shame if the quality level deteriorates! Well done to the whole production team... the next episode cannot come soon enough!


You need to give this show a chance and not be put off by the first few episodes of the first season. Oliver Queen's character goes through big and different changes. The ending of last season (3) left me wondering how the show will progress on though.

The Flash

Began a bit slow and mediocre but then developed into a riveting plot.. really loved the second half of the first season and of course there's Cisco :)