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One of the Most beautifully written TV series I have come across in a while! Each episode is wonderfully done with interesting characters and lavish scenery. Cannot get enough of Outlander

The Mentalist

When I first started watching this show I thought it would become repetitive with Patrick Jane solving almost every case, but with every episode I was really engaged! I really enjoyed the fact that there always was an underlying back story behind most of the episodes that would show you why Jane is the way he is. An awesome show right to the end! I even enjoyed the finale which surprises me as I don't usually like how most shows end.

Roswell, New Mexico

No, just nope. Bored from the beginning, and it did not stop there. New actors, ideas and names. But no new plot line. Why am I not surprised. This whole show feels like a parody. It feels so fake. Every five minutes it feels like I am ticking a mental check-box for something that is going on is today's society: LGBTQ, Check. Political statements, Check. Latino, Check. Racism, Check. Feminism, also Check.

It is like the producers created this show based on what they think society wants thrown at them. And yes, some are even eating this up like candy. So many shows are becoming similar. Plot line and characters have similarities. Nothing new. Nothing refreshing or surprising.

Lately, too many shows are also being cancelled. Never making it past 1 or 2 seasons. Maybe producers should look at the reasons why their viewer numbers are falling. If it is not broken, why try to fix it?