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Im a massive adult swim fan and i pretty much love all things animated. also a huge Red Dwarf fan. I love my tv shows as my wife will tell you because i watch them and rewatch them lol.

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As a huge cartoon fan and a man with a Marmite sense of humor (you either love it or hate it) I wanted to compile a list of these types of shows for anyone not familiar…

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1 episode in and as a fan of the original comic book series I am somewhat pleasantly surprised. With the superb casting decision of Matt Ryan playing the protagonist Constantine and seemingly well handled storyline/s I predict this show to be a huge success, especially among fans of the horror genre that aren't able to put up with the cheese of other supernatural shows.... Like Supernatural. I will possibly change my rating at least halfway through the 1st season but for now it gets the 5 stars for having the guts to do this show if nothing else. I am hooked after 1 episode

Further update. This show nails it for me. A great success and I hope it lasts for a good few seasons

Cannot believe this has been canned. Baffling.

Penny Dreadful

Well now a new supernatural/horror show that doesn't pander to teenage girls and the terminally brain dead? I'm all for it. Love Penny Dreadful. The casting is great (A real surprise seeing Josh Hartnett playing such a memorable character), the writing is genius and the sets are amazing even the name of the show is fantastic (Penny Dreadful's of course being a magazine that came with a newspaper in the 1830's - 1850's and unless I am mistaken gave Charles Dickens his first published works. I figuratively cannot wait for the next season.


This is a great show and another stroke of genius from Matt Groening. Casting the likes of Noel Fielding and Matt Berry was just pure brilliance. Typical Groening style of animation and humour help fill an animated comedy void that's been there since Futurama. Don't get me wrong this is no Futurama but it does have a familiar feel whilst remaining relatively original with its gags.