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Proven Innocent

Based off of the pilot episode, the show has potential. It is a typical legal procedural drama but with the twist that the main character is herself a falsely accused victim of the legal system. The main character is somewhat cocky, a little bit arrogant but her motives are pure. I'm interested to see where the show goes during season 1.

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TAC or Trial Analysis Corporation help their clients win over the jury by psychological profiling. Psychology and court room antics meet in this drama/comedy.
The premise of the show is not totally uncommon but it does not distinguish itself. It's something to watch but I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it like I do some of the other shows that I follow.
Michael Weatherly is a talented actor as many of us loved him in NCIS as Tony Dinozzo but he is wasted in this role.
All in all, I do not see this show making it past season 2 or 3..