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The Rookie

Stars Nathan Fillion this time as a rookie cop. Makes a change from Castle where he played the writer side -kick. Other well known actors from other shows that were cancelled or ended are in this series. The cast seems well suited to their new roles in this series. Has humour as well as drama and action. I like it so far.


Interesting, exciting and suspenseful are three words that I would use to describe this show. Well acted and scripted. Also all the cast portray their characters very well. I'm very interested in how this series will end. I wonder if there will a second season? I hope so!

Star Trek: Discovery

WOW......Loved the first 2 episodes. The look and feel of the ships,crew ,uniforms etc.
The Klingons are mega bad and I'm sure more battles will happen.
Looks like the start of a GREAT new series!!!
Don't know why some people are rubbishing this show but it would not have been renewed if it didn't rate!!
Some people just don't know great sci-fi !!!!