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So much potential! And great music! Fingers crossed this show gets picked up..

Sadly it did not live up to the hype.

The Crown

I started watching this with very high expectations. Maybe that was the problem. The premise is great and I was hoping for something to fill the void left by Downton abbey. Unfortunately, for me, The Crown didn't deliver. This has nothing to do with the terrific acting but everything with the lack of any kind of speed, suspense and even substance. The political drama is barely touched since the queen has no power over it and the relationship drama is only shown by the exchange of subtle but significant looks. The attention to detail is to be admired but simply goes too far. These deeply repressed characters don't make it easy to root for them when we never get to see beyond the surface. This makes for little noticeable character development.
Yet I am hoping that season 2 will improve things now that the queen seems to be slowly coming into her own. But despite her lack of actual power, I need to see her as being able to accomplish something in order to stay interested. This whole season was about her realizing how little she has to say and how little she knows. Which is interesting but not a-whole-season-long-interesting. She seems to be trying to rectify her lack of knowledge but will she be able to do something meaningful with it?