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Game of Thrones

It's a nerds world afterall... Cannot Express enough how much I adore Game of Thrones!!!!!! But I will try to do it justice in my first ever review. Here goes: A "cultural phenomenon" I hear it tagged. GoT is so special and magical, and wonderful and sexy, saucy, thrilling, quotable, monologuey, mind-blowingly scruptious. I could go on describing how brilliant this show is all day, so I will - it's captivating, brutal, bloody, naughty, tantellising and euphoric. With it's shockingly sneaky undertone - with Little Finger's sheer deviousness verses GRR Martin's cruel way of making me love the Starks, then destroying them one by one, or red-wedding style... Did I say it is breathtaking yet? Well it is - the landscapes are spectacular, the perfectly crafted locations, and shinily (sort of made up a new word just for GoT there) polished - can't notice any continuity errors or plot holes. Okay, I'll stop stroking its ego... one last thing though: I know that the tagline goes "All Men Must Die", but.. please.. I beg of you creators: Boooooobs and Tyrian must never stop being shown, yes?!
In a nutshell this show is pure awesomesauce!