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Shows that fucked their audience with their last season - and not in a good way

2 Shows

A list of shows that either completely sold out in the last season, or shows that were fueled by complexity and never managed to clean up in the end and close it…

Shows that shouldn't work, but somehow does

24 Shows

Shows that totally stick out of the normal TV programming




This show has the same effect as a car crash - it's so horrible you just can't look away. The premise sounds amazing, a bunch of animals rising up against humanity in a wild bloody frenzy. The pilot, however, fails to deliver the intense potential it has, and instead focuses way too much on introducing it's characters who play on the cliche's of TV. This is, simply put, just one of those shows that should never have been a show, but would have worked well for a movie - again - the premise is amazing! Who doesn't want to see a crazy CGI lion fight a cobra over a corpse?


This may just have been my favorite show of 2016. It has everything that I needed this year, a sharp political commentary, using a completely obscene backdrop. The show managed to keep me entertained in a different way than most shows do. It managed to stay in my head between airings, and remained a highlight of my summer.

To be honest, I'm quite satisfied that the show got canceled. I was worried that this show would linger on, until it became hopelessly boring. This way they managed to tell a great story, and finish it too.


This was a great addition to a solid platform of American adult oriented cartoon series. It's a bummer that it's been cancelled, because the show managed to stay relevant despite of a lack of ethics. Brickleberry pushed the envelope on what's funny and what's allowed to be made fun of, and for that Brickleberry deserves a spot on the list of the greatest cartoons!