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I really enjoy the music and how the charaters evolve during the show. This show really surprised me.

Firstly, I'll probably never get sick of watching vampire/witch shows, but what I would like to praise, is the romance and it's fire. Every show has some love and lovers, but the masterful acting in this show is amazing. The anticipation and build-up were great. I can't wait to see where the road takes them so I'm going to read the books in the meantime while waiting season 2 to begin.


I've seen it all, watched the series for about 10 years (catching up several seasons in a row). This show's meaning has changed for me over the years - at first it was the myths and monsters and action, but the brothers grew on me I became to see and notice them and their ups and downs more than the action. What they did with the last few seasons wrapping things up and saying good-bye, was great, a bit fastforward, but they gave an answer and an ending I loved. Great show, probably want to see it all again in a few years.