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I never realized how much tv I watch until I started working at SideReel.

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Community Disservice

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Now that we're living in the darkest timeline (that is, one where Community is off the air), here's where to get your study group fix.

All Done!

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Concluded shows that I've watched in their entirety.

I Give Up

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Shows I wasn't able to see through to the bitter end.

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The Big Bang Theory

Ok, this show is my guilty pleasure. I'm a self-professed geek, and I work with geeks all day who lambast the show for playing too heavily on stereotypes, but I find the jokes to be of a slightly higher intelligence level than some of Chuck Lorre's other shows *cough*Two and a Half Men*cough*.

Better Call Saul

OMG it's Breaking Bad part 2!!! Minus the meth, of course, but it has an extremely familiar cast, more of Vince Gilligan's trademark cinematography, and the same knack for making me hold my breath longer than can possibly be healthy. I think I'm in love. What else could possibly have me thinking the phrase "Is it Monday yet?"

Colbert and Daily Show fans, rejoice! This show nestles perfectly into their genre (well, it ought to, considering Oliver's previous work experience). But where I use Colbert and Stewart to keep up with the daily news, Oliver likes to pick important issues that maybe have been shunted off to the side in the mainstream media, and has the time (the show is an extra 10 minutes longer) to go in depth on the issue.