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The Magicians

I've read--and loved--the books, however I'm usually not a fan of film adaptions. Though, hands down, I loved this. Sure some changes seemed a bit odd and the story isn't 100% airtight but I did enjoy this show immensely! It's quick-paced, funny, and very well-made. I look forward to season 2, I can't wait!

The Goldbergs

This show is very average. It's funny, yes. The outline is interesting, with the narrative and the occasional actual footage in the end. But except that, this is honestly nothing I would recommend unless you need something easy to watch or if you remember the '80s.

F is for Family

Bill Burr plays the voice of the dad and it's noticeable right away. But I did find it enjoyable, hoping for a second season. It has promise, I think, but it needs something more to make it stand out.