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Pam & Tommy

Seth Rogen does a good job (as he has before) of creating shows and telling stories that are larger than life. That said, this particular story — I do feel should’ve been left out of actual creation. The show itself is well produced and you can tell they’ve gone extra lengths to ensure the story is aesthetically done well, but I’ll admit I’ve been cringing through each episode so far. The lack of full consent toward creating it tarnishes the overall effort — and personally feels wrong (and reflects in / on the dynamic of the actors). Almost like it’s cursed, sacrilege — probably akin to how it was back in ‘96. Wouldn’t recommend unless you also want to feel ‘violated’ (as quoted, ep 4).

Cowboy Bebop

A Tarantino-meets-Sin-City-meets-60s-space-Japanese (yep, all of that) comic book executed with a massive budget, not taking itself too seriously but serious enough to be up there with the equally misunderstood Deadly Class, Legion, and The Umbrella Academy comic-to-live-action shows. Unfortunate that it won’t make it past 1 season, the understandably and justified massive production budget / misunderstanding audience to blame; another epic comic recreation to bite the dust. Regardless of its limited run, entirely worth binging in all its 10 eps glory. The SFX are on point and seamless, as is the casting — not too campy or comic-bookish, and accessible to all audiences, OG and new (like myself) alike. And the music. Ugh, *such* a good show. Like many of the others, I’ll be endlessly holding out hope for another network to pick this up and keep it running, especially with the show’s recent Emmy nom.

*And, FWIW — I’m not making any claim to compare this to the original animation series — but commenting on this live-action effort as-is.*


A high-value, beautifully produced telling of Asimov’s 1940s sci-fi story that is the inspirational foundation to the genre that came after. Worth investing the time with patience and focus — treat it as a marathon to enjoy and savour, not one of convenience to try to sprint.