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Pam & Tommy

Seth Rogen does a good job (as he has before) of creating shows and telling stories that are larger than life. That said, this particular story — I do feel should’ve been left out of actual creation. The show itself is well produced and you can tell they’ve gone extra lengths to ensure the story is aesthetically done well, but I’ll admit I’ve been cringing through each episode so far. The lack of full consent toward creating it tarnishes the overall effort — and personally feels wrong (and reflects in / on the dynamic of the actors). Almost like it’s cursed, sacrilege — probably akin to how it was back in ‘96. Wouldn’t recommend unless you also want to feel ‘violated’ (as quoted, ep 4).


An unsuspecting, highly underrated show — the narrative continuously unique, perfectly cast, the dark, dry humour on absolute point. A true original, exceedingly better than any US copycat attempt. If you enjoy British tv, this is definitely one to watch.


The UK version is the only one that needs to exist. It’s also the original, and this US version is a direct rip.