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Good TV includes science fiction and fantasy and drama and good British comedy.So lets hope that scripted tv is here to stay.

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ok Good bye Hank and the gang. The ending to a long running series is bitter sweet and have Karen and hank most likely move back to new york and witness their daughters marriage is great end to the show .. only 2 questions wanted answered, Levon is he biologically hank's or not and meeting Becca's man and his straight laced family.. Everyone had a happy ending I guess.


what a disservice to have the show end on a cliffhanger and the audience will never know what happens next why not give the series a proper ending like a 2 hour series finale ending . Who are the hosts and who are their enemies and If there is a choice between all of humanity including snider will die I say People of Earth sorry but you are all about to die except 2 hitchhikers of course. Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy read the book and you will get the reference.

Still Star-Crossed

If by some miracle this show see's a season 2 let it be short again with only 7 episodes and Shonda should think about how she is going to end the series on a positive note and not drag out the answers to questions. Finally having a clear Villain is good Paris but is it too late. The Prince of Verona is weak character and I do not understand why Rosaline is in love with such a loser. Benvelio is way more interesting and a better match for Rosaline .