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8 Out of 10 Cats

Channel 4 certainly knows how to mix and match the talents on this show. Jimmy Carr is a hilarious host and the guests never fail to boost the humor to an even higher level of wit, irony, and satire.


As an avid fan for procedural shows, I really enjoyed Bones overall. Like many others, I did think it ran a little longer than it should have, and the last two or three seasons were much more drama-arc driven than previous seasons to intrigue the audience. That being said, I absolutely adored watching all of the characters grow in this show. Just because Brennan and Booth were the main characters did not mean that their colleagues and friends didn't have episodes to shine and develop, and it created a much richer environment where the audience really felt like a member of the team.

The Librarians

If you're a fan of Doctor Who and Indiana Jones, this show is a hilarious (albeit, pretty cheesy) mashup of the two. It follows a group of people who are tasked with finding the world's greatest magical artifacts, many of which are from diverse cultural myths and fairytales, and to prevent whatever catastrophe may occur when used by the wrong people.
I began watching this show because of Christian Kane, whom I adored as Eliot Spencer in Leverage. After watching the first episode, I discovered that the producer was none other than Dean Devlin, who also produced Leverage. If you've watched Leverage before, you may find that there are many similarities between the two shows, like the dialogue and cadence of the actors' lines or the camera work from the point of view of an actor making an observation. Many of the actors who guest starred on Leverage are also in The Librarians, so it made watching this show quite enjoyable to see familiar faces. Speaking of familiar faces, John Larroquette has been in some amazing works before The Librarians (and won so many awards for them), and his performance can always save an episode if things go sideways.
One of the things that does tend to take me out of an episode is the occasional special effects gaff. When the group of adventurers encounter magic in the world, there are times where the special effects are quite noticeably special "effects". But, personally, I enjoy a good laugh at how cheesy or silly an effect can be, given that the tone of the show is fairly lighthearted to begin with.
Overall, I have been thoroughly enjoying this show, and I can't wait for Season 4.