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I enjoy adventure, scifi and horror mostly. I am very critical of acting skills (I hate when actors over act the part) and have a good eye for detail.

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Fairy tales and paranormal adventures. From the wicked witch to the great Atlantis this is the place where dreams (both good and bad) take form.

Vampires and Zombies

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Naughty and nice dead people. From sexy vampires to scary Zombies or scary vampires to sexy zombies. A bit of horror, comedy, action, drama and romance. My favorite list!




Enjoy the program, however the acting needs work. What I mean by this is that the actors seem to be trying too hard causing them to over act and make the characters unbelievable. If the actors relaxed a bit and allowed their own personality to flow through the characters, perhaps the words would flow more naturally for them. The story line is good and attention to detail is ok.

This is one seriously messed up program. Unbelievable story lines yet with some amazing actors and actresses. This program almost makes you feel as-though you are on a bad trip with very disturbing flashbacks to say the least. Yet for some reason you go marathon mode and can't stop watching as you become obsessed with figuring out wth is going on lol.


Very interesting program. Brings the mysticism of vision quest and clairvoyance together to deliver an enchanting experience that truly spikes the imagination and curiosity of spiritualism. The acting could use a bit of work along with giving the characters more commonsense to enhance the experience of believability rather than reminding us of a horror film where they victims are always so stupid. In my opinion, with a few tweaks this program could be a winner!