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Z Nation

OMG! I gave this half a star, only because that was as low as the rating would go. I tried this show when it first came out and it was BAD then. The only actor the show had was in the first episode. As bad as the first episode was each episode following that was worse than the one before. Why did I make it farther than episode 2 the second time around? Because I heard from more than one person it was a great show. I feel for them for thinking that. Most of it is written as very, VERY watered down versions of the walking dead. The only thing worse than the writing and the stories are the actors themselves. Bless their hearts, I am sure they tried. Asylum, which the show stems from has always taken the name and plot of a good movie or in this case a show and blindly written the most horrible knock off that could imagined. AND it got renewed for another season Blows my mind that, that happened! The special effects are, like most of the stuff Asylum puts out done with Windows paint, for as bad as they are. I do not, and can not fathom how this show averaged 4 1/2 stars here on Siderell? Shaving with a rusty dull razor over your entire body and then rinsing off and soaking in bial and alcohol would be a better way to spend the time it takes to watch this horrendous show.

The 100

Super fan of apocalypse shows. When I heard about this one I gave it a shot. Two episodes in and I walked away from it. Then was told to give it another chance. After I made it through the first four episodes of what seemed like teeny booper drama, the story came alive for me. Such great character development, amazing actors, and a fantastic story. It has aspects in it that would make anyone a fan. Hope to see the show go on for some time, as it seems each episode leaves you wanting more.

Into the Badlands

I don't know how anyone could find something wrong with this show?
Hard core ninja like assassins protecting different ruthless Barron's in a Post Apocalypse new world, opium back on the open market, tons of fight scenes, supernatural super power monks, and everyone stabbing everyone in the back to get what they want.
It is truly a show the whole family can enjoy together.