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How do I love thee, Television, let me count the ways. I simply love television and all the possibilities the medium contains. Be it mini series, long arcs in drama series or clutching my stomach from laughing at the antics in a sitcom. I'm especially down for a some dramatic comedy or comedic drama. I'm amazed by web series and floored over consistent character development. I have a deep love for British series, flawed characters and one hit wonders among other things.

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True Crime Docs

24 Shows

Television have a looooot of true crime documentaries, so these are just the ones i watch.


4 Shows

These are hours I will never get back. Why did I even sit though this?!

Anthology Collection

8 Shows

I've started being really into anthology shows, this is what I've been watching so far.

Tumblr TV

25 Shows

Sometimes Tumblr convinces me to watch a television show based on the pretty GIF's they create. These are those shows.


47 Shows

All the initials. But really, folks this is a list of shows where LGBTQ people gets to shine, or at least gets to be represented. They are not all great representations,…

90's kid

16 Shows

All of my childhood favourites.

Subtitle shows

5 Shows

Pretty simple: The shows I watch that are not in English. (Which really ought to be more than this.)

Past Obsessions

13 Shows

I used to be capital O obsessed with these shows. I was young, okay, so not all of these show will be quality shows.

Extra Hot Great's The Canon

155 Shows

Shows that have at least one episode in Extra Hot Great podcast's Canon of extraordinary television.

I Kickstarted it!

5 Shows

Kickstarter is quite popular with the webshows, eh?