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How do I love thee, Television, let me count the ways. I simply love television and all the possibilities the medium contains. Be it mini series, long arcs in drama series or clutching my stomach from laughing at the antics in a sitcom. I'm especially down for a some dramatic comedy or comedic drama. I'm amazed by web series and floored over consistent character development. I have a deep love for British series, flawed characters and one hit wonders among other things.

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Prequels, Sequels, remakes and spin-offs

30 Shows

Television shows and movies may continue or remake their lives in new shows or leave the internet for the silver screen. Or even spin off in another direction.

Literary adaptations

89 Shows

Book adaptations - both modern interpretations or classic book to show adaptations. And perhaps a play adaptation or two.

Animation nation

8 Shows

Animated. Get it?

Document this

50 Shows

Documentaries - or mostly an excuse to listen to Louis Theroux and David Attenborough talk.

Supernatural creatures

28 Shows

Where supernatural creatures run rampant.

Period Pieces

80 Shows

Shows set in a long gone period of time. Even if that time happens to be the 80's. Basically everything not taking place in the present of the time of filming.

Mini Series

46 Shows

They might be small, but they pack a big punch.

Jane Austen Time

15 Shows

All the shows with links to Jane Austen and her wonderful world.

Dane Spotting!

19 Shows

Spotting all the Danes in all the shows.


96 Shows

It does exactly what it says on the tin.