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Rosanna Bowman Dillawar

BEWARE : Serial binger! Yes, I confess; I am obsessed with tv shows! I'm a huge fan of crime dramas and basically anything that's good! Oh, and I love food.




This is an entertaining show with lots of action, suspense and humour to keep viewers hooked and I can't wait to see what they come up with next (I binged on the entire first half of Season 1 in less than a day and I'm now in withdrawal)!

I admit it isn't the best show out there as some scenes are weak particularly when combined with the eccentricities but I feel like this show has alot to offer with the elevated crime/drama aspect and the crazy scientific mumbo-jumbo that us 'normals' don't get, but somehow that still makes it all the more intriguing!

I do find the social traits of some of the smarter characters disconcerting but I guess that's to be expected (it's not everyday that I come into contact with highly intellectual individuals with a series of anxieties). I think it's good that the show also focuses on their struggles to deal with fears and being different, and gives viewers an insight into what it might be like for people like them in reality.

13 Reasons Why

It's after 3 a.m. and I am up listening to The Night We Met by Lord Hurton on replay (This is the song that Hannah and Clay danced to at the Winter Formal). I just finished the last episode of the show, and I really don't know how I feel; it's almost like I am numb from all the emotions. This is probably the first show that has moved me this much to the point where I am an emotional wreck with tears streaming down my face every time I think about Hannah's final moments.

This is such a beautifully-portrayed show with a unique point of view outlining the events which influenced Hannah's ultimate decision. There are so many themes covered in this show that hit home to so many people around the world. The points that hit me the hardest are some of the shocking revelations dotted throughout the series, and these are utterly heartbreaking. The actors who portrayed Hannah and Clay did an outstanding job demonstrating the gritty, raw emotion that drove the show to success.

This show is definitely one to watch; granted that you will probably be bawling your eyes out and feel broken at the end like I am, but it is truly worth it!

Finding Carter

This show has its share of strengths and weaknesses, but overall I would say that it's an interesting show to watch. There are many underlying storylines that can be explored in the next season to relieve some suspense, e.g., who assaulted Bird... what is David's connection to Lori... what will happen to Max and Taylor... etc.

I'm not fond of Carter's erratic traits possibly because I cannot relate to her, but I feel like she needs to sort her issues out and make some definite decisions on what she wants! Alot of the actions of the characters and storylines are also questionable and unrealistic in my opinion so I hope that these will be improved in the second season.